Battlefield V Headlines PS Plus May 2021 Free Games

Sony has finally revealed the three games that will be free for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 owners subscribed to PlayStation Plus in May. The headliner of the month is Electronic Arts' Battlefield 5. The AAA shooter title will be joined by Beam Team Games' Stranded Deep and Bugbear Entertainment's Wreckfest.

Making Battlefield 5 free to PlayStation Plus subscribers is a great move to help generate hype for Battlefield 6.

The PS Plus May 2021 Free Games Lineup

In addition to the elements, Stranded Deep will also have you braving sharks and other deadly creatures.

Following multiple releases set in contemporary times, EA went back to the first two World Wars for Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 5, respectively. The latter was released back in 2018 and received support all the way through 2020, with EA even releasing a battle royale mode in Firestorm. However, it wasn't as well-received as Battlefield 1 and prior releases. This effectively forced EA and DICE back to the proverbial drawing boards for Battlefield 6. The next installment is expected to release sometime this 2021 with a reveal imminent.

The second free game for PS Plus subscribers in May 2021 is Stranded Deep. This survival game was released way back in 2015, during a time where survival games actually cared about, you know, survival elements. Unlike Valheim, which has upended the standard survival game formula, Stranded Deep sticks to genre staples like having you manage thirst and hunger, as well as how you protect yourself from your environment as you fight for survival.

Last, but definitely not least, is Wreckfest. If we're being honest, Wreckfest was a surprising addition to the PS Plus May 2021 free games lineup. The demolition derby racing title was released in 2018 on the PC and has been out for the PS4 since 2019. It's also been a mainstay on the Xbox Game Pass library. Thus, there's very little reason why Wreckfest, which isn't a next-gen title, is exclusive only to PS5 owners.

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All three games will be available to download for PlayStation Plus subscribers starting May 4. In the meantime, PlayStation Plus subscribers still have a chance to download Days Gone and other games included in the April Lineup.

Is Godfall Still Coming to the PS4?

One of the earlier leaks suggested that Godfall and Disco Elysium: The Final Cut were going to be the free games for PS Plus subscribers this May. Because of Sony's confirmation, we now know that the previous rumors were false. However, this still doesn't answer the question about why PEGI rated Godfall for the PlayStation 4.

Godfall was a looter-shooter that launched alongside the PlayStation 5. It was intended to be a true next-gen title that would have helped showcase the PS5's capabilities. Although no one doubted the game's graphics and aesthetics, Godfall fell flat in the content department. The lack of a significant and impactful story along with virtually zero endgame content, made the PS5-exclusive title release with virtually zero fanfare.

With that said, a PS4 release, especially as part of the PlayStation Plus lineup for May, could have injected some new life into the dying game.

With the PlayStation Plus May 2021 games lineup now confirmed, we're still left wondering if and when Godfall will release on the PlayStation 4. There's still a chance that it will indeed come free for PlayStation Plus subscribers but in June instead of May. Sony may also include Godfall as their next free game for their Play at Home initiative following Horizon Zero Dawn.

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