PS Plus June 2021 Free Games Lineup Wishlist

Sony's PlayStation Plus line-up is never quite what you expect it to be. Sometimes, it's full of games that are well worth the $9.99 a month that you pay for it. Other times, it gives you games that, although cost a lot of money, are very poor in terms of quality.

Four years in, it's time to give more players a chance to see what made Andromeda so bad (or good).

Case in point, the disparity between the March and April lineup with May.

After giving PlayStation Plus subscribers Final Fantasy VII and Days Gone in March and April, respectively, Sony's lineup for May was a bit of a disappointment, with Battlefield V as its main highlight.

While Battlefield V was and still is a well-reviewed game, it wasn't built with cross-play in mind. Thus, years after its release, it doesn't have the healthy player base needed to make it a fun game to play in multiplayer in 2021.

So here's to hoping that Sony ups their offerings for PlayStation Plus subscribers this June.

PS Plus June 2021 Wishlist

Considering its poor sales on the PS5, a free PS4 release for Godfall as a PlayStation Plus game would be a good idea.


Ever since Godfall was rated for the PlayStation 4 in late April 2021, fans have been asking for Sony to release the former PS5-exclusive to the PlayStation 4. Sure, it's not a perfect game and the looter-slasher largely fell flat as a next-gen title. But, it wasn't a bad game either, and it actually had solid gameplay, endgame be damned.

The worst thing that Sony could do at this point is to give more gamers access to Godfall if only to give Counterplay Games a larger sample size to learn from and see what went wrong with it.


For a first-party Sony title, Media Molecule's Dreams flew under the radar. This is especially surprising when you consider just how gorgeous this game, which is all about creating new games and experiences, is.

For those who are wondering what Dreams is, the main idea is to let players create content and/or play other player's content. It's kind of like Minecraft, but more gorgeous and beautiful. However, for some reason, Dreams didn't get the attention that it rightfully deserved, which is a shame. Those who've been playing and creating games in Dreams can attest to just how much you can do with the tools that the game gives you.

Considering that the best way to experience Dreams is to play it on the PlayStation 5 with next-gen graphics, we wouldn't be surprised if Sony gave it away as their next PS5 game.

MLB The Show 21

It's no secret that Microsoft's willing to throw studios a lot of money to get games to launch on Xbox Game Pass. Still, no one would have expected Microsoft to secure something like MLB The Show 21, which is a first-party Sony title.

Considering that it's already available for free for Xbox Game Pass subscribers, Sony might as well make it free for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

MLB The 21 might have only been out for a little over a month and the sales, as well as reviews, show that it is a solid game. However, with Electronic Arts set to return to the diamond with its acquisition of Metalhead Software, Sony might as well try to increase the reach of MLB The Show 21 by making it available for a lot of people.

Mass Effect Andromeda

Let's face it. Mass Effect Andromeda wasn't the most loved game when it was first released way back in 2017. But, one could argue that Andromeda wasn't necessarily a bad game either. It's just that it was compared, quite unfairly if we may so add, to a trilogy that has since received a remaster and is widely considered one of the best video game trilogies of all time.

Sure, Andromeda didn't help its own case by releasing with a ton of issues and bugs, but, fast forward to 2021, and most of those have been fixed already.

So why not release Andromeda as a free PS Plus game for June 2021? The worst thing that could happen is that introducing Andromeda to a lot of players for the first time could help reinforce EA and Bioware's decision to work on a sequel to the original trilogy instead.

Don't Forget to Claim Your Free May Games

The June 2021 games lineup for PlayStation Plus subscribers will likely be announced on May 25 or May 26, so we won't have to wait long to find out if any of the games we are wishing for will be part of the lineup.

If you haven't had a chance to grab the free games for May, then we recommend that you do it now. In addition to Battlefield 5 and Stranded Deep for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation Plus subscribers can also grab the PS5-version of Wreckfest as part of the May 2021 games lineup.

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