New PS Plus Essential games for February 2023 have been leaked online

Four games are going to be available next month for free to play on the PlayStation 4 for those with active PS Plus Essential subscriptions.

Now that January is about to end, the leaks about next month's PS Plus lineup are starting to come through. As always, an ever-reliable source is giving us the skinny way before Sony makes the lineup official.

ps plus essential games february leaked
Destiny 2: Beyond Light is an excellent starting point for those who are late to the Destiny 2 party.

According to "billbil-kun" the four free games for PS Plus Essential next month are the following:

  • OlliOlli World
  • Mafia Definitive Edition
  • Evil Dead: The Game
  • Destiny 2: Beyond Light

All things considered, next month's "rumored" PS Plus Essential lineup is relatively strong. OlliOlli World and Evil Dead only came out last year. The latter, in particular, should be fun to play ahead of the theatrical release of Evil Dead Rise on April 21. Meanwhile, Destiny 2: Beyond Light being essentially free-to-play should give Bungie's live-service title the necessary marketing push as fans look forward to the release of Lightfall next month. Finally, Mafia Definitive Edition only came out three years ago and is a highly acclaimed re-release of the iconic action-adventure title.

Because the earth's rotation apparently stopped and gone backwards, January is turning out to be the longest month we've had in a while, so don't expect Sony to announce next month's PS Plus Essential freebies anytime soon.

ps plus essential games february leaked
Mafia Definitive Edition is a remake of the original game from 2002.

Kidding aside, Sony usually confirms the next month's lineup a week before the first Tuesday of the month. As January will go on for five weeks, the first Tuesday of next month falls on its second week. In the meantime, you'll still be able to claim the free games for this month if you're subscribed to PS Plus Essential.

Speaking of Mafia, Hangar 13 finally confirmed last year that a new Mafia game is in development. It isn't clear yet when it's going to be ready for release but don't expect it to be available anytime soon.

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