Massive PS Plus Essential lineup for December 2022 leaked online

For the second month in a row, Sony is giving PS Plus subscribers another reason to retain the lowest membership tier of the service.

Christmas has definitely come early for PS Plus subscribers. A leaker has confirmed the three games for PS Plus Essential next month and they're nothing short of excellent.

Ps Plus Essential December Leaked Online
Mass Effect: Legendary Edition should keep PS Plus subscribers busy throughout the holiday season.

According to Billbill-Kun, the three PS Plus Essential games for December 2022 are the following:

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is one of the best compilation trilogies to come out in recent memory. It's a bundle that contains all three of the mainline Mass Effect games, including all of their DLCs save for the Pinnacle Station DLC from the first Mass Effect game. Although it would've been better if it was available last month to help celebrate N7 day, being late to the party is always better than never coming at all.

As for Biomutant, the post-apocalyptic open-world RPG was an underrated game when it came out last year. It wasn't a fan favorite by any means, but it had its charm. On the other hand, Divine Knockout is a relatively obscure third-person platforming fighting game that's well worth checking out, if only to see if it's up your alley.

Ps Plus Essential December Leaked Online
Biomutant could use a more refined sequel if the developers ever get the chance.

After being revamped earlier this year, Sony revealed that its lost PS Plus subscribers. But, its profit has increased as well, likely due to the existence of the Extra and Premium tiers. If Sony can keep up its current run of excellent offerings, the subscriber numbers for even the basic Essential tier should trend up.

This month's offerings weren't half-bad either, more so if you add in the new additions to the Extra and Premium tiers. Sony can capitalize on this hype by adding several more noteworthy titles to the service in mid-December, just in time for when everyone is at home for the holidays.

Speaking of Sony, the Japanese console manufacturer is reportedly planning to release the next PlayStation by 2028.

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