Prey star Amber Midthunder teases sequel

Amber Midthunder confirmed there are ongoing discussions for a sequel to the 2022 film.

Prey, the Predator franchise prequel, debuted in 2022 to critical and commercial acclaim. The film set several records on multiple streaming platforms, including the most-watched premiere, across both feature films and television series, in the United States on Hulu. It was also the most-watched program across all streaming platforms in the week of August 12, 2022. Despite this success, 20th Century Fox hasn’t officially greenlit a sequel.

amber midhunter prey
Prey star Amber Midthunder expressed her interest in reprising her role in future installments of the film.

In what will be welcome news to fans of the movie, Prey star Amber Midthunder has hinted that a sequel is on the way. During a recent interview with Variety on the red carpet of the Bafta Tea Party, the actress was asked for updates on a sequel. In her response, she expressed her interest in reprising her role as Naru. She also stated, "I don’t have a date for you. This is not an announcement, but I’m not saying it is not. We talk all the time about a lot of things and that’s probably one. I’m ready. I loved that experience. I love that movie. And I would be happy to, you know, see where else we can take it."

Before Prey’s debut, director Dan Trachtenberg had revealed that he was in conversations with 20th Century Studios to develop more installments in the Predator franchise. While there was no indication the installments will include a Prey sequel, the film’s streaming numbers and rave reviews have made it a matter of when, and not if, it will happen.

Trachtenberg himself hopes so. During an interview with Radio 1 podcast Screen Time in September 2022, he stated he already had ideas for a sequel. In his words, "I would like to be involved [in a Prey sequel], and I think there's several really cool things to do next... [it] would be interesting to embark on a few different things."

Prey is a science fiction action film and the fifth installment in the Predator franchise. Set in the Northern Great Plains of 1719 America, it is a prequel to the first four films with its events taking place almost 300 years before those of the first film which premiered in 1987. Prey’s story was developed by Trachtenberg and Patrick Aison, with Aison also doubling as the screenwriter.

amber midhunter prey
Midthunder's character fights an humanoid alien and French fur traders in this thrilling prequel to the popular Predator franchise.

Prey follows Naru, a Comanche healer turned warrior, and her attempts to protect her people from a violent, humanoid alien that hunts humans for fun. Naru will also contend with French fur traders who kill buffalos wastefully, never minding that the animals are necessary for the Comanche’s survival.

Apart from Midthunder, the film’s cast includes Dakota Beavers, Dane DiLiegro, Michelle Thrush, Julian Black Antelope, Coco, Stormee Kipp, and Mike Paterson. Beavers and DiLiegro star as Naru’s brother Taabe and the Predator respectively.

Apart from Prey, Midthunder is also famous for her roles in Banshee, Legion, and Roswell, New Mexico. The actress is also set to star as Princess Yue in the forthcoming live-action adaptation of the popular Nickelodeon animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender. The series will premiere on Netflix sometime in 2023.

While fans of the film await confirmation of a Prey sequel, they can catch up on the first film on Hulu. They can also watch the first two Predator films on HBO Max as well as 2010’s Predators on Amazon Prime.

In other news, Disney is working on an Alien reboot titled Alien: Romulus with recent reports suggesting that filming will begin in early 2023.

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