Previously-owned PS1 and PSP classics to be free of charge

Sony revealed a new feature of the PS Plus 2.0, which doesn't require you to subscribe to the service.

Sony is slowly revealing more information about the new PS Plus. This most recent tidbit is great news for PlayStation owners.

PS1 and PSP classic games to be sold separately on PS4 and PS5
Back to some stealth-packed action gamepaly on Syphon Filter. Or you can just stick to the tasers.

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Premium subscribers (Deluxe in some regions) of the new PS Plus will have access to a catalog of PlayStation classics dating back to PSOne and PSP.

Sony said that some of the games will come with improved frame rates, higher quality resolution, and a feature that allows players to save progress at any time or rewind the game. The company didn't disclose which games will have the enhanced visuals or these time manipulation features, which is incidentally already included in the Nintendo Switch Online service.

But Sony's new information is that some of the classics will be available for purchase separately. To make it even better, if you already own select PS1 and PSP generation games, you'll be able to download them for your PS4 or PS5 for free. This means that you can get the game onto your console without signing up for a subscription. Keep in mind that so far, the list is a bit thin. But we imagine that with the service launch just around the corner in the East, it's a matter of days before the entire lineup is announced.

Tekken 2 PS1 Classic on PS Plus
Tekken 2 is among one of the PS1 Classics coming to the PS Plus Premium service.

In its blog post, Sony said, "When these titles are released for PS4 and PS5, players can head to PlayStation Store and download a version for the consoles at no extra cost if they already own the digital version of the title."

However, the information is still a bit ambiguous.

With the possible release of some remasters of classics on PS Plus Premium, will players get the remastered version or just the classic version? I know it may seem obvious, but it raises the question. In the almost-deceased PS3 Store, you can find both versions. One example is Final Fantasy VII (Psone Classic) and the Final Fantasy VII Remastered version. I guess we will have to wait to get some answers.

With Ubisoft boosting the new PS Plus lineup, time trials, and a more robust PS Plus Collection, PS4/PS5 owners will have more reasons to subscribe to the service and browse the library for hours while trying to decide what to play next and ultimately not decide at all.

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