Prestige System Guide - Black Ops Cold War, Warzone & Modern Warfare

Many features make up a Call of Duty game, features such as create-a-class, killstreaks, etc. However, one of the most unique and iconic features is the Prestige system in Call of Duty.

What is Prestige?

Prestige is one of the signature create-a-class features of the Call of Duty (COD) franchise ever since its release. Prestige is a create-a-class option available once a player has reached the maximum rank in multiplayer. Should players decide to enter Prestige mode, they can trade in their ranks, challenges, and unlocks for a new rank logo. This basically meant starting from zero with nothing unlocked.

In Call of Duty installments prior to 2019's Modern Warfare, players could even unlock an additional create-a-class slot via Prestige. Once they enter Prestige, they not only lose the mentioned content, but their rank also resets back to one. They then rank back up to the highest possible level to enter another Prestige for yet another logo.

Prestige gives players something to grind for and earn bragging rights.

Modern Warfare (2019)

Prestige was available in Call of Duty until Modern Warfare (2019) dropped and changed everything. Modern Warfare introduced a new seasonal ranking system called Officer Progression.

In the new seasonal ranking system, players reach the max rank each season and then have nothing to work for except the challenges that came with each season. The max rank in previous Call of Duty games was 55, after which players could enter Prestige mode. In Modern Warfare (2019), that rank was extended to 155.

Officer Progression and Season Challenges in Modern Warfare (2019)

The new seasonal ranking system received mixed reactions from the COD community. The majority of the players preferred the old Prestige system, with only a handful of players preferring the new seasonal ranking.

Black Ops Cold War

Based on player feedback, Treyarch decided to bring back the Prestige system for another Black Ops game. However, this time the progression is tied across both Warzone and Modern Warfare (2019).

Treyarch has introduced a new ranking system that will be effective immediately when Cold War season 1 goes live. This new ranking system is called the Seasonal Prestige system, and it apply not just to Black Ops Cold War, but also to Modern Warfare and Warzone. The progression will be tied across all three games from season 1 onward.

Synchronized Player Progression Chart - Warzone, Modern Warfare (2019) & Black Ops Cold War

Black Ops Cold War will have the regular military ranks 1-55, similar to how it has been for the previous Call of Duty installments. However, once players reach level 55, they will automatically enter Prestige mode without losing any previously earned or unlocked content. The new seasonal Prestige system integrates Prestige into the normal ranking system so that both the seasonal ranking and Prestige lovers can enjoy it.

Military Ranks (Core Progression) in Black Ops Cold War

Season 1 is due to commence on December 10, 2020. While players wait for the first season to start, they can earn pre-season Prestige levels once they've reached military rank 55. There are three Prestige levels you can earn during the pre-season.

Once you enter the Prestige mode, you can rank up to level 100 for pre-season. For the pre-season Prestige you can earn the following:

  • Prestige 1 at Season Level 1
  • Prestige 2 and Weapon Blueprint at Season Level 50
  • Prestige 3 at Season Level 100
Pre-season Prestige

From Season 1 onward, you will get four Prestige and 200 levels, with a new Prestige every 50 levels, all the way up to 200 Prestige levels.

  • New Prestige and Weapon Blueprint at Season Level 50
  • New Prestige at Season Level 100
  • New Prestige at Season Level 150
  • New Prestige at Season Level 200

Every time you achieve a new Prestige level, you get a new emblem and a sticker to show off. The Prestige levels do not reset, but your military rank resets every season.

The new seasonal Prestige system also offers something called Prestige Keys. Once you hit that level 200, you will not only get Prestige Master status but also the ability to acquire legacy Prestige icons from the previous Call of Duty games, that you can use to customize your Prestige icon. The legacy Prestige icons can be purchased from the Prestige shop using the Prestige Keys. You can get Prestige Keys after reaching every milestone seasonal Prestige level. The milestone levels are level 50, 100, 150, and 200.

You can earn up to 25 Prestige levels across all upcoming seasons, with six Prestige master titles to earn by reaching level 200 every season. The fun doesn't stop there. You will also have season challenges to keep you busy. Season challenges will offer 40 calling cards (20 for Multiplayer and 20 for Zombies) each season that you can earn by completing challenges.

Season 1 of Black Ops Cold War will be available on December 10, 2020.

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