Netflix confirms 2022 premiere date for Stranger Things season 4 in latest teaser

Netflix has dropped yet another teaser, this time confirming the premiere date for Stranger Things Season 4.

To no one's surprise, Netflix has dropped a new teaser for Stranger Things season 4. However, unlike the previous one, the latest teaser provided fans a very useful tidbit of information.

Premiere Date For Stranger Things Season
It's only a matter of time (get it?) before season 4 of Stranger Things premieres.

Fans will have to wait until 2022 for season 4 of Stranger Things

Premiere Date For Stranger Things Season
By the time season 4 premieres, nearly three years will have passed since season 3 aired in July 2019.

According to Netflix's newest Stranger Things season 4 teaser, new episodes for the sci-fi horror TV series aren't set to drop until next year, 2022.

This isn't a huge surprise, albeit it's still disappointing. When Netflix's previous teaser trailer was released back in May, season 4 was still in production. Although fans were hoping for a late 2021 premiere date after filming would reportedly end in August, it appears that Netflix isn't afraid to take its sweet time making sure that the fourth season of Stranger Things is as good as can be.

As for what's in the latest Stranger Things season 4 trailer, there's not much new to find here. It's basically just a rehash of that threatening "Eleven, are you listening?" voice from the previous trailer, among others.

Netflix confirmed back in September 2019 that it had decided to renew Stranger Things for a fourth season. Filming reportedly began in early 2020. Unfortunately, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, production was delayed until things were back to relative normalcy. It wasn't until in October that filming resumed followed by Netflix's announcement that eight new characters will join Stranger Things in its fourth season.

With that said, it appears that Shawn Levy wasn't lying when he said that Netflix will make a big announcement about Stranger Things season 4 in mid-August.

Technically, he was wrong. It isn't mid-August yet - his tease was at least a week off. However, most fans are probably just happy knowing that season 4 of Stranger Things finally has a premiere date.

Speaking of Levy, his latest project appears to be a huge success. Free Guy, which stars Ryan Reynolds, has gotten rave reviews from critics so far, ahead of its August 13 premiere date.

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