Post Trauma might just be the Silent Hill game we never asked for

Post Trauma is the latest game to try and take a stab at making a modern Silent Hill game.

Silent Hill and Resident Evil are two IPs widely considered as the progenitors of the survival horror genre. Capcom's take on the genre has had far more staying power while Konami's Silent Hill games have also tended to vary much more greatly in quality, especially after the first two Silent Hill games.

Post Trauma takes inspiration from Silent Hill 4: The Room.

Following a series of failed sequels, other studios and developers have tried their hands at recreating the magic that made the first two Silent Hill games so iconic.

For example, there's the infamous canceled Silent Hills project by Hideo Kojima.

With that said, none have been quite as successful at making a lasting impression and impact on the genre as Silent Hill.

Then again, you can't exactly fault anyone for trying, especially if it's an indie developer with stills showing a game inspired by Silent Hill that actually looks like it has the potential to do the iconic survival horror series right.

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When is the release date of Post Trauma?

Silent Hill 4: The Room is available to play on Windows 10 PCs via GOG.

In a recent Twitter post, a seemingly indie developer talks about how he quit his job to work on a horror game inspired by Silent Hill. Or, to be more specific, Silent Hill 4.

As you can see from the photos above, Post Trauma looks the part of a Silent Hill game. Now, all that it has to do is to land the execution.

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The game's direct inspiration, Silent Hill 4, is one of the most underrated games in the series. It was released back in 2004 and was later re-released in 2020 on to make it playable on Windows 10 PCs. Silent Hill 4 was a stark departure from the first few Silent Hill games, with a different gameplay style, combat system, and setting, taking place exclusively inside the protagonist's apartment as opposed to having you explore the titular town of Silent Hill.

At the moment, all we have to go on about Post Trauma are the screenshots posted by the developer/s. It is unknown if the indie developer/s working on the game are a team or if it is the work of just one person.

Ultimately, Post Trauma could not have come at a better time. Fans are craving a true survival horror experience. Although Resident Evil Village was a huge success with more DLCs planned, it had far too much action compared to its predecessor, Resident Evil 7.

Not to mention, all the talk about Bloober Team working on a Silent Hill remake have not helped a bit.

Speaking of, the rumors that BLUEBOX Game Studios' Abandoned game is a Silent Hill-inspired title by Kojima in disguise has yet to die down completely.

With so many people wanting a Silent Hill kind of game, Post Trauma might just be the one that delivers. Be sure to keep an eye out for the demo, which the developer/s claim is going to be available soon.

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