Post-production work caused the delay of The Marvels

The schedule change gives the VFX team more time to improve the quality of the movie.

Marvel Studios recently announced that The Marvels will be delayed to November. The studio did not give a reason for the delay, but a new report suggests that it may be related to post-production work for the film - something that usually accounts for a big chunk of MCU flicks.

The delay will allow the post-production team to work on the movie more.

The Marvels is the highly anticipated team-up movie between Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel, Teyonah Parris’s Monica Rambeau and Iman Vellani’s Ms. Marvel. The movie's new release schedule takes over the slot vacated by Blade. The delay was attributed to Disney’s recent statement that the company is spreading out content to focus on quality rather than quantity.

According to The Wrap, the decision to push back the release date of the Marvels to November will allow more time to finish the post-production work. The film features three superheroes with special powers that will require a lot of CG, so the additional time to polish the VFX will be put to good use.

Why is the delay good for The Marvels

The Marvels hopes to replicate the success of Captain Marvel which earned $1.1 billion at the box office.

Marvel has so far been unable to replicate the success of the Infinity Saga since its bombastic ending. Phases 1 through 3 of the MCU enjoyed universal acclaim and were financial hits with many broken records.

The Infinity Saga produced two of the top ten highest-grossing films of all time in Avengers: Endgame and Avengers: Infinity War. Another six movies from the Infinity Saga breached the $1 billion mark - meanwhile the Multiverse Saga has only one in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Captain Marvel is one of those movies from the Infinity Saga that earned more than $1 billion at the box office. Marvel Studios will have to address the primary problems of Multiverse Saga movies in order to achieve the same level of success with The Marvels.

Chief among the concerns raised by critics and fans is that the movies feel rushed into release with lackluster CGI and VFX. Marvel plans to address these issues with its new approach to TV shows and movies.

Marvel Studios will be slowing the pace down to allow projects more time to develop and mature. The strategy will space out the content more in the next Phases of the MCU. Disney+ has already started to delay some of the TV shows slated to premiere this year.

The Marvels will benefit from the additional post-production time.

The Marvels may be the first movie for Phase 5 that has been delayed in order to spread out content. The studio is extending the second part of the Multiverse Saga by five months, capping off Phase 5 with Deadpool 3.

The move to delay The Marvel will also benefit the VFX teams working on the movie. We recently reported that Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania suffered from unimpressive visual effects as the VFX teams were stretched thin and focused primarily on Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

Will the delay improve The Marvels in terms of quality? That is something that we will find out on November 10, 2023.

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