Possible Predator Crossover In Fortnite's Stealthy Stronghold

One would think that a new franchise crossover in Fortnite wouldn't surprise, given the number of crossovers that Fortnite has achieved over the course of its life. Season 4 revolved around a Marvel universe that ended with an intense battle with the massive Galactus to wrap up the season.

Recently released Season 5 has brought a surplus amount of content, including known franchise crossovers, of course. So far, we have seen the infamous Bounty Hunter from Star Wars - Mandalorian, who kick-started season 5, followed by Kratos from God of War. Some leaks also showed content related to Halo that indicates the arrival of Master Chief as a skin in Fortnite.

Now we have some new hints that point towards a Predator crossover. This is not a leak per se, but several pieces of evidence found in the new location Stealthy Stronghold of Fortnite, that all nod towards Predator. These small hints were posted on Twitter by Top5Gamingx (a.k.a TG5).

We can see a truck being used as a generator similar to the one seen in the 1987 Predator movie where Dutch pushes the truck into an enemy camp after rigging it with a bomb.

Dutch pushing the truck as seen in the Predator (1987)
Front view of the bomb-rigged truck as it approaches the enemies in the Predator (1987) movie

The second piece of evidence is the presence of a helicopter or, in Arnold Schwarzenegger's own words, "The Chopper." This can also be linked with the helicopter that Dutch and his team used to travel to a remote jungle to find the Predator.

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Helicopter used to travel to the jungle in the Predator (1987) movie

Lastly, the Predator's most obvious hint is his salient triangular reticle, which is seen whenever he locks onto a target. This was also seen as a "mural" on one of the doors in Stealthy Stronghold.

Triangular laser used for targeting
Triangular Lock-On Icon

All these can be seen in the above tweet by TG5, and all of these corresponding hints are at the same location, which is highly suspicious.

FortTory, a well-known Fortnite leaker on Twitter, recently dug deep into the files of Fortnite that gives some strong references towards the Predator crossover.

Our final piece of evidence isn't too obvious, and some might even call it far-fetched. Still, given all these "almost-obvious" hints towards Predator's arrival, it is best to take every and any information into consideration. This next one comes from Fortnite's official account in an audio transmission where the "strange predators" are mentioned by Jones, followed by a wild creature's roar.

A predator crossover isn't officially confirmed by Epic Games as of yet. Therefore, the above-given information should only be taken as leaks. We will know more as Season 5 continues to flourish in the coming weeks.

Hassan Sajid

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