The Portal games are headed to the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch owners will finally get a chance to know why the cake is a lie once Valve's pair of Portal games arrive on the portable console.

It appears that Nintendo's way of responding to Valve's release of the Steam Deck is to get as many third-party games and ports to the Nintendo Switch. At the most recent Nintendo Direct showcase, the Japanese video game company revealed a handful of games that are coming to their portable platform, including Valve's Portal series.

Just like with Half-Life, Valve refuses to release a third Portal game.

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Many consider Valve's pair of Portal games from 2007 and 2011 as some of the best pieces of gaming in history. However, this is the first time that both will be available on a Nintendo console.

Unfortunately, Nintendo did not reveal when the Portal: Companion Collection is going to be released for the Nintendo Switch. But, Valve did clarify that the two games won't cost an arm and a leg. Instead, the Companion Collection will be available for just $19.99 with support for local, online, and even split-screen co-op.

It certainly feels like Portal's arrival on the Nintendo Switch has been a long time coming. We included Valve's pair of physics-based puzzle shooters on our list of low-spec PC games last year and things haven't changed since. Ever since their launch, both Portal games have become the go-to example of gamers who want to prove you can run games on a $500 gaming PC and still get an award-winning experience.

It's amazing how well Portal and Portal 2 have held up over time, so Nintendo Switch owners are definitely in for a treat especially if they haven't had a chance to play these games before. Meanwhile, if you're an older fan of the Portal games, you'll get to relive all those memories of being trolled and haunted by a maniacal robot who is hell-bent on tormenting you by throwing all sorts of puzzles your way.

Unfortunately, the Steam Deck will probably be the first handheld console to let audiences enjoy the Portal games on the go.

If nothing else, the release of the Portal games on the Nintendo Switch should help make the wait for a Portal 3 easier.

Speaking of waiting, a spin-off to the Portal series, Bridge Constructor Portal, is already available to play on the Nintendo Switch. Also, on the subject of Nintendo's first Direct event this year, the console manufacturer revealed a handful of exciting new content for the Switch such as Chrono Cross: Radical Dreamers Edition and more Mario Kart 8 DLCs. Finally, Valve confirmed in January that the Steam Deck is still on track for a release later this month.

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