Pokemon TCG might be getting another special set early 2023

The Silver Tempest will be the last set of standard cards, but the Pokemon Company still has a few surprises.

The Pokemon TCG players will be both excited and sad to know that the final special Sword and Shield set will release in early 2023.

Pokemon Tcg Might Be Getting Another Special Set Early 2023

Earlier this week, the Pokemon company announced a new set of Pokemon cards called the Sword & Shield - Silver Tempest, scheduled to launch on November 11, 2022. The set will include over 190 cards, including six VSTAR cards.

Alolan Vulpix and Unown will also be getting their own VSTAR cards. Additionally, the set will include 15 new VCARDS and one new Pokemon VMAX card.

The Silver Tempest set expansion will be the last set of standard cards for the Sword and Shield series before transitioning into a new set. However, before that, it seems the Pokemon Company has a few special cards left for the TCG players.

According to the recent leaks on PokeBeach, the final unnamed special set will likely be released on January 20, 2023, concluding the Gen 8 expansions. The Gen 8 companions will get much harder to come by as the TCG players transition into the Pokemon Scarlet and Viola sets.

While the Scarlet and Viola sets are still a while away, the set is speculated to drop in February.

Not much is known about this special set, but according to the post on PokeBeach, the set will likely be released as an Elite Trainer Box. Pokemon TCG fans will have a chance to learn more about the unnamed special set after the release of the Silver Tempest set in November.

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