Pokémon Go data miners reveals "bread" event coming soon

Data miners have discovered stickers of Pokémon with bread in the game's files.

A post from the PokeMiners Twitter account indicates that there will be a bread-themed event coming to the mobile game soon. PokeMiners has had an excellent track record of revealing content from Pokémon games ahead of release, as they are often able to "mine" the data that is contained within the game's files and find out information ahead of an official announcement from Niantic.

Will we be seeing a new event in Pokémon Go?

The data miners also mentioned that the stickers were labeled "Bread Korea" which may suggest it is a localized event happening in Korea. So far, six stickers have been revealed showing Pikachu, Eevee, and Gengar enjoying different types of bread.

The adorable Eevee can be seen sleeping on a large bed that looks like sliced white bread and carrying a bag full of different types of bread. Gengar, a ghost-type Pokémon, can also be seen digging into a basket of bread.

Pikachu, the electric mouse Pokémon, has three stickers in total with the first two showing it eating bread. The last one shows Pikachu happily carrying a basket full of bread.

Unfortunately, there is no other information about the stickers or the "bread" event.


Fidough Pokemon Scarlet
Will Fidough make an appearance in Pokémon Go?

Other players have speculated that the bread stickers may be an event that adds Fidough, a fairy-type Pokémon to the game. The link between a bread-themed event and Fidough makes some sense given Fidough’s breath contains yeast that ferments things in its vicinity.

Fidough resembles a puppy made of bread dough and gets its English name from a combination of Fido (a common name for dogs) and dough: Fi-dough. Fidough's Japanese name is Papimochi which is a combination of puppy and mochi (a popular Japanese rice cake).

It does seem highly unlikely that Fidough would make an appearance in Pokémon Go since it was just recently announced as part of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet earlier this month. Pokémon Scarlet and Violet comes out on November 18, 2022.

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