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Pokemon Go Celebrates 5th Year With Special TCG Cards

Going strong in its 5th year, it's possible that Pokemon Go will remain popular for the next five years or so.

The Pokemon Company and Niantic are teaming up together to celebrate both the 5th anniversary of Pokemon Go and the 25th anniversary of the Pokemon Trading Card Game.

The said collaboration is just the latest in a long line of events and celebrations for multiple Pokemon games this month. This includes the most recent Pokemon Presents showcase where remakes like Pokemon Shining Pearl and Pokemon Brilliant Diamond, as well as the first-ever open-world Pokemon title, Pokemon Legends: Arceus, were announced.

Pokemon Go Celebrates a Half-Decade of Success

While Pokemon Go wasn't the first AR game to release on the market, it was arguably what put the genre on the map. It also didn't hurt that it was based on an already established brand. This helped it become an overnight success that saw thousands of long-time fans, as well as beginners, step out of their house in search of Pokemon.

Although the player base dwindled a bit after its first few months, the game remained a draw. This is due to the constant support that it received from its developers, and includes updates from adding new regions and Pokemon.

With that said, to celebrate its 5th year of success, Niantic announced that The Pokemon Company will release a Pokemon TCG card based on Professor Willow. The said card will reportedly release in Summer 2021 with more details regarding the artwork, in-game use, as well as availability, expected to be released in late May 2021.

Professor Willow is the Pokemon professor who appears in the Pokemon Go mobile game. He's basically the Professor Oak of Pokemon Go.

More Pokemon Go Cards Expected to Come

Apparently, Professor Willow isn't the only Pokemon Go character to announced as a Pokemon TCG card.

Because 2021 also marks the 25th anniversary of Pokemon TCG, other cards from Pokemon Go will also be announced in the near future as part of Niantic and the Pokemon TCG's collaboration.

In other Pokemon TCG card news, YouTuber and famous internet personality Logan Paul could very well make history with the most expensive Pokemon TCG card ever sold. This is after he pulled one of the rarest cards in existence during his live stream. In total, it is said that the occasional boxer pulled an estimated $2 million worth of Pokemon TCG cards during the live stream.



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