Pokémon GO Beyond Update Leveling System Guide

Pokémon GO has enjoyed a great deal of popularity on the mobile game market ever since its release back in 2016. Over the course of these four years the game has gone through quite a few changes and received a large amount of updates, bringing in new features and Pokémon to catch. However, the leveling system had gone untouched ever since - until now.

Pokémon Go Beyond Update Leveling System Guide

The Beyond update is bringing the first level rebalance and cap raise to Pokémon GO soon.

Going Beyond Level 40

Pokémon Go Beyond Update Leveling System Guide
Level up and unlock new Avatar items!

The biggest and most important news here is that Beyond is boosting the level cap to 50, up from the current 40. Other than the level cap increase, the entire leveling system has been rebalanced and overhauled to make the journey up the ladder more fun and rewarding than ever without removing the challenge.

To ensure that levels 41 through 50 are more than just additional numbers to grind XP for, new requirements have been added to leveling up, once you are beyond 40. Alongside accumulating a certain amount of XP, you also need to complete various tasks known as Level-Up Research. These change level to level, becoming more involved as you make progress.


Niantic hasn't revealed all of the tasks you'll need to complete, but they did give us a brief rundown:

  • Level 41: Catch a certain number of Pokémon within one day.
  • Level 42: Evolve every Eeveelution, use Evolution-specific items and perform other evolution related tasks.
  • Level 43: Earn Platinum medals and compete in Gym Battles and Raid Battles. Also unlocks an avatar item.
  • Level 44: Compete in Trainer Battles.
  • Level 45: Take down the Team GO Rocket villains! Also unlocks an avatar item.
  • Level 46: Complete Field Research Tasks, Hatch Eggs and use the GO Snapshot feature.
  • Level 47: Complete raids with specific objectives.
  • Level 48: Perform actions with your Buddy Pokémon. Also unlocks an avatar item.
  • Level 49: Send gifts, get Lucky Pokémon via trading and perform other community tasks.
  • Level 50: Make a number of Excellent Throws, catch Legendary Pokémon, and defeat Team GO Rocket Leaders with Pokémon under 1,500 CP. Also unlocks an avatar item.
Pokémon Go Beyond Update Leveling System Guide
An example of post-40 level up requirements.

Leveling Changes In Beyond

XP rewards for almost every activity in the game have been increased to make the initial process easier, allowing you to climb over those introductory levels quickly and catch up with friends who have been playing GO a bit longer than you. This also makes jumping into Pokémon GO much more accessible to entirely new players.

Among the activities with increased XP yields are catching Pokémon, evolving Pokémon, hatching Eggs, registering new Pokédex entries and more, with some of these providing as much as double their previous amounts. A new form of Candy, called Candy XL, will also be introduced to allow Pokémon to be boosted higher CP than before. You can acquire Candy XL by catching Pokémon or combining regular Candy.

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