PlayStation, Xbox, others congratulate Nintendo on the Tears of the Kingdom launch

The gaming industry united to celebrate with Nintendo on Tears of the Kingdom’s successful launch.

A few days ago, Nintendo launched the highly anticipated action-adventure title The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom to the delight of many fans. Originally announced in 2019, the game’s launch reverberated across the gaming industry and generated reactions from all and sundry.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom launched to rave reviews.

Upon its release, rival video game companies congratulated Nintendo on the title’s successful launch. It all started with PlayStation, which published a tweet to its Twitter account saying, "Have fun up there, Hylians!"

Xbox was not about to be outshone by Sony and, only a few hours later, tweeted its own congratulatory message stating, "It’s good to be back in Hyrule. Congrats @NintendoAmerica on Tears Of The Kingdom!"

Ubisoft also took part in the outpouring of positivity. The French video game publisher also published a tweet to its Twitter account with the message, "Loving Hyrule. Congrats on the launch @NintendoAmerica!"

Tears of the Kingdom received universal acclaim upon its release from critics and gamers alike. For instance, the game garnered a 96% approval rating on review aggregator Metacritic and a 96% audience approval rating from Google users.

However, the outpouring of love from rival game companies to Nintendo over the game’s launch got mixed reactions from gamers. While some expressed the opinion that it is a good thing for the industry, others took it as an opportunity to ask studios to develop better titles that are at least on par with the game’s quality.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is an action-adventure title and a sequel to the 2017 game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The game improves on the gameplay of its predecessor while adding new features, like Recall, Fuse, and Ascend, among others.

PlayStation, Xbox, and Ubisoft congratulated Nintendo on the Tears of the Kingdom's successful launch.

With Recall, players can turn back time for an object. Fuse, on the other hand, provides the ability to meld different weapons and materials to create new ones. Finally, Ascend enables players to move up through layers directly above them.

Nintendo’s president Shuntaro Furukawa recently revealed they have no plans to reduce the price of the Switch console this year. The console has been on the market for six years which led many fans to hope the company will do a downward review of its price. However, this is not to be because "procurement costs remain high," according to Furukawa.

Nintendo is working on a Legend of Zelda animated movie with Illumination. According to a report by Giant Freakin Robot, Illumination’s stellar work on The Super Mario Bros. Movie, currently the highest-grossing film based on a video game, convinced Nintendo to trust it with another of its famous properties.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is available on the Nintendo Switch platform.

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