PlayStation VP fired after allegedly appearing in pedophile sting video

Sony has confirmed that it has relieved SIE senior vice president George Cacioppo from his position in the company.

Sony Interactive Entertainment's senior vice president in engineering, George Cacioppo, is no longer part of the company after he allegedly appeared in a pedophile sting video that went viral on YouTube over the weekend. According to his LinkedIn profile, Cacioppo worked at Sony on the PlayStation Network and had been with SIE for eight years before his immediate termination.

George Cacioppo had been with Sony for nearly a decade before his firing.

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Sony moves quickly to terminate potential pedophile

Sony has yet to issue a public statement addressing the firing of George Cacioppo.

It's never easy whenever a company finds one of its high-ranking employees involved in something illegal. However, companies can help minimize any damage done to their reputation by taking swift action. Case in point, Sony's immediate termination of Cacioppo from his post.

People vs. Preds is a vigilante group that conducts non-sanctioned sting operations and uploads their activities on their YouTube channel bearing the same name. In an encounter that they streamed last Friday, a man, who is alleged to be Cacioppo, was found standing outside a home as People vs. Preds' cameraperson approached him following a conversation between him and a supposed 15-year-old boy that he invited over on Grindr.

The video shows Cacioppo wearing a PlayStation 5 t-Shirt as he waited outside for who he believed to be the 15-year-old. However, when the person holding the camera confronts him for wanting inappropriate relations with a minor, Cacioppo quickly goes back inside his house and shuts the door.

According to Kotaku, a People vs. Preds representative has already since reached out to them. The said representative claims that the vigilante group has already turned over the video as evidence to the police.

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At the moment, the video (shown above) is still available for public viewing. Be warned, it might contain distressing and triggering content.

As soon as the video went viral, Sony worked quickly to contain the potential damage. In a statement emailed to CNET last Sunday, Sony explained that the company is "already aware of the situation" and that the "employee in question" is no longer part of the company.

Sony Interactive Entertainment's president and CEO, Jim Ryan, sent a company-wide email back in November condemning the inaction of Activision-Blizzard's CEO Bobby Kotick. It would've been ironic for Sony not to take action against arguably a worse offense by one of its high-ranking employees after news of Ryan's email went rounds over the internet. Alas, Sony took no time cleaning house.

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