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PlayStation State of Play February 2021: All Games Announced

The biggest Five Nights at Freddy's game yet, Security Breach could make a perfect VR game.
The biggest Five Nights at Freddy's game yet, Security Breach could make a perfect VR game.

Sony just concluded their first State of Play of 2021 and, well, it was, something.

The unexpected segment was arguably the least content-filled of all their State of Play episodes within the past 12 months. It didn't even reveal any information regarding highly anticipated titles like Horizon Forbidden West and the upcoming God of War sequel. But, this isn't to say that the entire show was not worth watching though.

In a word, we'd describe it as different. It lacked the sort of "mic drop" moment that many fans surely were waiting for. However, it did give audiences more information and gameplay footage of already-confirmed titles. In addition to this, several interesting new games coming to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 were revealed as well.

So, what kind of games were revealed at the showcase? Well, scroll down below to find out.

Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time

Release date: March 12, 2021

Kicking things off was the latest title in the reinvigorated platforming franchise Crash Bandicoot.

Toys for Bob outlined the many changes coming to Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time now that an upgraded version for the PlayStation 5 will be available.

Just to recap, the game will pick up directly from Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped, and will see Cortex, as well as Doctor Nefarios Tropy, causing havoc, not just in their world or universe, but throughout time itself.

With that said, the showcase highlighted the many improvements available for It's About Time for the PlayStation 5.

While none of these were pretty ground-breaking, Sony did leave fans scratching their heads a bit. In particular, fans were confused if the upgraded version of It's About Time will be available only for those who own disced version of the game.

Sony has yet to confirm if the free upgrade applies to both physical and digital versions.


Release date: April 30, 2021

Sony described Returnal perfectly by saying that it features an "ever-changing locale with hostile foes around every corner".

According to the game's developers, Housemarque, they took inspiration from multiple genres. They specifically pointed out roguelikes, which is fitting. The game apparently features a world that constantly changes. Whenever you die and come back, enemies will be found in different places with the map changing as well.

However, the developers did also go on to describe gameplay to be like "a relentless and fast-paced shooter", so it'll be interesting to see how this all plays out.

Already, the gameplay looks tight and as a bonus, the foreign world setting sports a bit of a P.T vibe, which is a sure-fire way to get PlayStation fans excited.

Knockout City

Release date: May 21, 2021

If we were to come up with a phrase to describe Knockout City, it'll be "dodgeball on drugs".

Velan Studios' fast-paced and action-packed title will feature players literally throwing balls at each other. But, of course, as is always the case, it's never that simple. Not only is this a game of dodgeball, but players will be able to do numerous feats of acrobatics and skills in the game, with a multiplayer gameplay experience that the developers claim is "unlike anything you've ever played before".

Knockout City will have numerous game modes at launch. This includes a multi-round 3v3 match in Team KO, as well as a 1v1 mode in Face Off, where players are pitted against each other in a slowly-shrinking battlefield, similar to that in Battle Royale games.

Velan Studios promises that they'll introduce "over 20 new playlists by the end of the year" with "some surprises that can only exist with the unique mechanics of Knockout City".


Release date: 2021

From the developers of the multiplayer martial arts-themed action role-playing game, Absolver, comes yet another martial-arts-themed action role-playing game.

Unlike their initial go-around though, it seems like this third-person action game will focus more on delivering authentic Kung-Fu combat mechanics and a single-player experience. The developers claim that they're aiming to "build an immersive adventure featuring deep and challenging gameplay" with their latest title.

Solar Ash

Release date: June 2021

Heart Machine, the developer of Hyper Light Drifter, comes Solar Ash, which is a third-person action platforming title with a much more massive world compared to their original 2D game with a heavier focus on fluidity.

The game will be set in several places. This includes everything from sunken cities to large expanses of water, as well as hot lava zones.

The plot will follow the story of a Voidrunner named Rei who has to save her world from a massive world-swallowing black hole referred only to as the Ultravoid.

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach

Release date: 2021

From their humble indie beginnings, Five Nights at Freddy's has grown to reach greater heights, culminating in Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach.

The latest State of Play featured the game's first-ever gameplay footage. It gave players their first glimpse of the enormous Mega Pizza Plex with players put in the shoes of the mall's security guard as they step out of their office for the first time.

Oddworld: Soulstorm

Release date: April 6, 2021

Step into the 2.9D world of Oddworld: Soulstorm as you take control of Abe the Mudokon, the most unlikely hero and leader of a pack of rebels.

From floor-waxer at the meatpacking plant who discovered that the Mudokons are going to be turned into food, Abe is now trying his best to save everyone else. The game will be the second in the quintology of titles. It will feature an even bigger scale with more depth and immersion than the series has ever seen before.

The game will be free for active PS Plus members starting in April.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Release date: August 24, 2021

Ember Lab, the game's developers showcased Kena: Bridge of Spirits in more ways than ever before. They showed more locations and a better look at the kind of gameplay that players should expect from the game. The trailer also featured new characters that players will get a chance to meet during their adventures.

Aesthetically, the game looks a lot like a stereotypical AAA action-adventure title but with the aesthetics of a Legend of Zelda game.


Release date: May 21, 2021

Yet another roguelike-inspired title, Deathloop was showcased once again in arguably the game's best trailer yet.

Titled Déjà Vu, the latest trailer gave players a glimpse of what it's like to live on the island of Blackreef where everyone is stuck on an infinite loop. But, of course, as much as the island has become a hotspot for chaos and parties, the latest Deathloop trailer also gave players a look at more of the gameplay in the game and how it works.

Given the immersive music and the very Hitchcock-like aesthetics, players will be even more excited to play Deathloop now.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade

Release date: June 10, 2021

Final Fantasy VII Remake was the highlight of the State of Play episode.

Now coming to the PlayStation 5, the game will feature all sorts of optimization options. This includes those that aim to help improve graphical quality. It'll also give players a choice between improving aesthetics and focusing on performance, with a more robust Photo Mode that will let players show-off their photography skills in the game.

The closest thing to a "mic drop" moment at the event though was the reveal of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade.

This "new episode" will revolve around Yuffie Kisaragi in an all-new story.

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