PS Plus Premium subscribers can play Disney Dreamlight Valley for free

The life simulation adventure game hybrid is currently available as a three-hour trial for PS Plus Premium subscribers.

If you aren’t willing to purchase the Founder's Pack for one of the most notable releases of 2022 across PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, don't worry, Sony has you covered.

Simulation games based on existing franchises can go extremely in depth

As a part of the PlayStation Plus, users gain access to a new slate of games scheduled for the concurrent month. Not only can PlayStation Plus subscribers download Battlefield 2042, Code Vein, and Minecraft Dungeons for free in March, but they can also check out a long list of big-name titles in a timed trial format. But, that's only if they're subscribed to PlayStation Plus Premium, the highest tier under the current PlayStation Plus plan for all PlayStation consoles.

The latest addition to this list is Disney’s adventure game life simulation game hybrid called Disney Dreamlight Valley, which was developed by Gameloft. The title was published in late 2022 to a solid reception, with interest only increasing as the months went by. It works similarly to farming simulators like Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon, but it has a Disney flair to it.

The title is populated with characters from different Disney and Pixar franchises, heroes and villains included, while your task is to interact with as many characters as you can in order to unite them, a task that has been given to you by the all-powerful wizard Merlin.

Interacting with these characters is where the real fun lies since they each give you different quests, interactions, and goals to accomplish. Like any true simulation game reminiscent of The Sims, Second Life, or Animal Crossing, you can customize the appearance of your character and their home, earn money, buy and sell goods and so much more.

Being a PS Plus subscriber has a lot of sides to it

What separates this trial opportunity from others is that a full version of Disney Dreamlight Valley isn't out yet. There's still plenty to go through as most PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers will find out since the project is technically in Early Access. Still, this shouldn't deter anyone from trying out the less expansion version of the game.

In the meantime, Sony and Microsoft have been going at it for months over that troublesome Activision Blizzard deal. Microsoft is trying to sweeten the atmosphere by offering future Activision Blizzard titles on PlayStation and Nintendo consoles. Unfortunately, PlayStation is having none of it, going as far as to say that Microsoft could use this chance to release broken Call of Duty ports on PlayStation consoles. 

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