Possible PlayStation Plus Premium classics lineup have leaked online

The rumored classics library has gotten fans buzzing over the weekend weeks before the PS Plus rebrand goes live.

In case you didn't know, Sony's three-tiered PS Plus will launch in late May. The most expensive tier, Premium, will make its added cost worth your while by bringing a library of classic PS1, PS2, PSP, and PS3 games. But, with only a month to go before the new PS Plus goes up in select markets, Sony still hasn't confirmed which games are coming.

Tekken 2 was the last time Jun Kazama, Jin's mom, was featured in a game.

However, this might all be changing soon.

According to a leaked list of ID numbers discovered by u/the_andshrew, games like Tekken 2 and Mr. Driller from the original PlayStation, as well as Ridge Racer 2 from the PSP, are all going to be a part of PS Plus Premium. Interestingly enough, internet sleuths could not find data referencing the four Syphon Filter games that were recently re-rated in South Korea. This would suggest that Sony still isn't finished filling up the service's database.

With at least a month to go before the retooled PS Plus' official release, we can expect to see more of these leaks from various sources.

The upcoming PlayStation Classics are starting to appear on the PSN backend from GamingLeaksAndRumours

Speaking of Sony, the company's latest moves are a sight for sore eyes. Forming a game preservation team is a huge step forward for the console manufacturer, which previously had a rather unpleasant stance when it comes to its treasure trove of classic games. Even though one of the developers on the studio's latest team claims that he's not involved in PS3 emulation, it's interesting that Sony's move comes just weeks after confirming that it is merging PS Now into PS Plus while adding a bunch of other benefits.

The ideal scenario here is that Sony will pad the Extra and Premium tiers of PS Plus with a smorgasbord of fan-favorite iconic titles like those found in our list of PS3 exclusives that are near-impossible to get your hands on.

Mr. Driller isn't as famous outside of Japan, but the first one for the PS1 was a popular game for its time.

Ultimately, only Sony knows what its plans are. The only thing that we all can do is to wait and see what the console giant has in store for its millions of fans around the globe.

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