PlayStation Plus will go on a massive sale on Black Friday

If you're looking to renew your PS Plus subscription, this Friday, November 18, is the best time to do it.

If your PlayStation Plus subscription has run out, we've got good news. This coming Black Friday is a good opportunity to renew your membership at a massive discount.

According to Sony, PS Plus subscriptions will be available at a 25% discount on Black Friday.

Historically, Black Friday is when PS Plus memberships drop to their lowest price for the year. This year isn't different. Sony has already confirmed that PS Plus subscriptions will get a massive discount this Friday. The only question now is, how much lower are prices going to get?

First things first though, definitely avoid buying those scrapped PS Plus subscription cards. Some third-party retailers might still carry a code or two but they no longer stack. The worst case scenario is that they won't work or you won't get your money's worth. In either case, you'll want to get a gift card that covers the specific amount you'll need for a year's worth of your preferred PS Plus tier. On a normal day, a year of PS Plus Essential costs $59.99 while Extra and Premium cost $99.99 and $119.99, respectively.

As for stacking (OG PS Plus members know this), don't do it. Sony has made that impossible with the new tiered subscriptions. The good news is that you can extend your active PS Plus membership, which works pretty much like stacking.

For example, you can buy two years' worth of PS Plus membership gift cards on Black Friday and renew your preferred PS Plus membership through next year's Black Friday. Then, once you've activated a year's worth of membership, choose "buy another subscription" and use the extra wallet funds to add another year. This should help you save time and money for a while as it will extend your current active subscription through 2024.

Unfortunately, it's not clear how much time you can add to your current subscription. At the moment, the consensus is not to buy more than two years' worth.

Fans are expecting for Sony to end the year on a good note with its PS Plus offerings.

Speaking of PlayStation Plus, former Sony Interactive Entertainment president, Shuhei Yoshida, recently revealed his pick for the best PS Plus Premium Classics games. Sony also revealed a massive slate of new games for PS Plus Premium, which includes more Ratchet & Clank titles as well as Skyrim and Kingdom Hearts 3, among others. This is on top of the PS Plus Essential games for the month that includes Nioh 2, Lego Harry Potter Collection, and Heavenly Bodies.

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