PlayStation Plus Collection: All Games Ranked from Worst to Best

Don't ever let the lack of release titles dissuade you from getting your hands on a PlayStation 5 whenever you can.

In addition to the fact that plenty of PlayStation 4 titles can be played on Sony's newest console, Sony has a couple of tricks up their sleeves to make getting one even more worth your while.

Case in point, the PlayStation Plus Collection.

This round-up of titles includes some of the best games from the previous generation, and all are available to gamers for free as long as they have an active PlayStation Plus subscription.

Scroll down below to find out more about what games are included in the PlayStation Plus collection, as ranked from worst to best.

20. inFAMOUS: Second Son

inFAMOUS: Second Son is a great way to show off just how good the PS5 is at bringing the best out of older titles.

One of the earlier PS4 exclusives ever released, inFAMOUS: Second Son surprisingly holds up today, with its satisfying combat mechanics and incredibly detailed world.

The game looks even better and more beautiful on the PlayStation 5 with the fps locked at 60.

19. Ratchet & Clank

The duo never really quite clicked in this modern re-imagining of the classic platformer.

Released alongside a theatrical film, 2016's Ratchet & Clank was a retelling of the first title released in 2002.

Although the game did a great job in re-introducing one of PlayStation's earlier mascots to modern gamers, it lacked the charm and banter of the original series, especially the once-rocky relationship between the protagonists of the series.

18. Days Gone

Days Gone is one of the few games ever to successfully pull off the sheer horror of being chased by dozens of zombies at once.

A beautiful game set in a mountainous forest-filled open-world environment where the players take control of a former war veteran who will have to survive a world overrun by zombies and bandits as he tries to look for another reason to keep on living.

While the game's premise is good, it sort of overstayed its welcome, making it feel like it drags you on for no reason.

Luckily, its overall gameplay, survival mechanics, and that awesome motorcycle, all makeup for all its shortcomings and make for one hell of an adventure.

17. Mortal Kombat X

For all that it's missing, Mortal Kombat X remains a satisfactory source of mindless gore and violence.

The neglected middle child in NetherRealm Studios' current trilogy of Mortal Kombat titles, Mortal Kombat X was a slight improvement over the series-reviving Mortal Kombat 9 but is severely overshadowed by Mortal Kombat 11's sheer number of content.

Still, if mindless violence is all you're after, we guess this should suffice.

16. Until Dawn

This interactive horror movie is best played with friends on the PS5.

Until Dawn is a cult favorite among fans of teen slashers featuring its fair share of gruesome and off-setting deaths, as well as a cheesy plot and tons of unsurprising jump-scares.

15. Detroit: Become Human

Detroit: Become Human is one of Quantic Dream's most successful titles, with sales exceeding 5 million as of today.

Quantic Dreams have never really set out to make games whose narratives pleased everyone. Instead, their focus has always been to cater to those who prefer narrative-driven games where their choices have a huge impact on gameplay.

Detroit: Become Human feels like a middle-ground between fans of the genre and those who are not normally players of such titles.

While it can get a little bit too heavy-handed at times, it remains a compelling play that generates a couple of interesting discussions about classism and morality.

14. Call of Duty: Black Ops III - Zombies Chronicles

This should satisfy your need for some first-person shooter zombie action until you get your hands on Cold War's own zombie maps.

The third entry in the Black Ops series from the Call of Duty franchise, this one gives you a lot of fun to be had.

In addition to the single-player campaign, this one adds a co-op campaign, online multiplayer, dozens of remastered Zombies maps, a special Zombies campaign, a free-run time trial mode, and even Dead Ops Arcade 2.

13. The Last Guardian

Although it failed to meet expectations, The Last Guardian remains a must-play for fans of Fumito Ueda's games.

The Last Guardian is an example of what happens when you make gamers wait for an entire console generation for a spiritual successor to what is easily one of the best games in history in Shadow of the Colossus.

For all its faults and shortcomings, the game remains beautiful with a world that's easy to fall in love with.

12. Arkham Knight

A caped crusader who's slowly losing his mind, a city overrun by superpowered villains, and a former protege-turned-villain, sounds like your typical Batman adventure, doesn't it?

The final game in Rocksteady Studios' Arkham series, Arkham Knight put players firmly in the shoes of Batman as he tries to do battle against multiple criminals at once with the entirety of Gotham City serving as his playground.

Had the game focused more on polishing the gameplay and included a less-obvious villain instead of adding in the unnecessary Batmobile, the game would've been a lot better.

Still, it's a Batman game, and no one really hates playing as the caped crusader.

11. Monster Hunter: World

Whether you're a fan of the decision or not, making Monster Hunter: World more accessible helped open the franchise to millions of new players from around the globe.

Monster Hunter: World is one of the more divisive games in the Monster Hunter franchise.

On one hand, it dumbs many of the technical aspects of the series down to make it more accessible. On the other hand, it is easier to digest, especially for beginners.

Had this included the humungous Iceborn expansion, which would've easily constituted an entirely new game on its own, we would've considered ranking this a few spots higher. However, considering that this is just the base game, we'll leave this right here.

10. Fallout 4

War never changes, my friend.

Bethesda Softworks and the Fallout franchise has definitely seen better days. However, if you'd like to remind yourself why the studio remains top-notch, you need not look further than what Fallout 4 has to offer

Buggy with outdated visuals and everything else, both good and bad, that serves as the hallmark of what Bethesda can do when they are at their best, Fallout 4's incredibly detailed open world with numerous stories to tell remains one of the best ways to experience what life is like when the rest of the world has died out.

9. Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy might not have truly next-gen visuals, but it's proof that some classics are truly timeless.

The Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy is the perfect example of a remaster done right.

Rendered in high-definition with tons of extra content added, including ones that were originally planned for the game but were ultimately cut, the N. Sane Trilogy is the best way for older games to relive their childhood in much better graphics and for younger gamers to understand just what it means to play a challenging game.

8. Final Fantasy XV

If nothing else, playing Final Fantasy XV on the PS5 should get fans more excited for what's to come with Final Fantasy 16.

Where Final Fantasy XV fell short was that it tried to do a lot of things too much, which resulted in a convoluted plot that requires playing through multiple DLCs and watching an animated film to fully understanding.

Still, on its own, Final Fantasy XV was a unique story of friendship and brotherhood set in an open world where players had a lot of freedom.

7. Uncharted 4

Considering that it'll be a while before we see the next main entry release in the franchise, it'll be worth your while to play Uncharted 4 in all of its next-gen glory on the PS5.

Uncharted 4 was the emotionally-charged swan song to the famous Uncharted franchise.

Although many criticized its pacing issues, Naughty Dog deserves kudos for successfully putting a fitting end to a story of someone so iconic like Nathan Drake.

6. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

After the failures that were Resident Evil 5 and 6, Capcom decided to bring the Resident Evil franchise back to its roots. Hence, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.

A series-defining release, Resident Evil 7 switched the perspective to first-person and gave players a small but terrifying estate as its setting with a seemingly powerless protagonist in the form of Ethan Winters.

What made the game even more terrifying was the fact that you could play it in VR and it was one of the few games to take full advantage of this.

If nothing else, the PlayStation Plus Collection gives you a good excuse to relive Ethan's horrifying adventures before playing Resident Evil Village.

5. Battlefield 1

The brutality of war as depicted in Battlefield 1 looks a lot better when played on the PS5.

Battlefield 1 was the last good Battlefield game released and arguably the best Battlefield title released for the last generation of consoles.

Set in World War I, Battlefield 1 was commercially successful and critically praised for both its single-player campaign and multiplayer.

4. Persona 5

Considered by many as the best title in the franchise, it's a shame that we only got the base game of Persona 5 with the PlayStation Plus collection.

Persona 5 is one of the longest games ever released. However, what makes it so unique is that even though it takes around 100 hours to finish, it never really feels like it's dragging you on for too long.

Ultimately, the reason why it's ranked this relatively low is that it's the base version.

Had Sony included the updated Persona 5: Royal version, it would have, at the very least, moved up one spot.

3. Bloodborne

What do you know, higher frame rates result in much more fluid combat in Bloodborne on the PS5.

Faster and more aggressive than the Souls series it borrows heavily from, Bloodborne is a love letter to Victorian-era London wrapped in a world seemingly made by H.P Lovecraft himself.

Bloodborne just isn't one of the best PlayStation exclusives ever released. Many consider it one of the best games ever.

In fact, many gamers rank it far above any of the Souls games.

2. God of War

After putting his revenge above all else, it's refreshing to see Kratos mellow down just a tiny bit and show a different side of himself.

Hands up if you ever thought you'd see Kratos become a father.

No one definitely expected to see what Santa Monica Studio did in their take of Kratos for 2018's God of War.

From the vengeful and angry guy that took offense to the littlest of things, we see Kratos mature to become a flawed but loving father, who has to venture out in an all-new world with his son in an over-the-shoulder free camera perspective.

1. The Last of Us: Remastered

The Last of Us is arguably the only game to be available across three console generations and be considered one of the best titles in each one.

Joel and Ellie are arguably the most memorable gaming protagonists to ever come out of the last decade, which is probably why adding the remastered version of 2013's The Last of Us was a no-brainer for the PlayStation Plus Collection on the PlayStation 5.

The remastered edition of the gripping and engrossing narrative that seemed to take delight in throwing one emotional haymaker after another featured enhanced graphics and a steady 60 frame rates per second.

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