Fallout 76 and The Last of Us Part II are headed to PlayStation Now this October 2021

The Last of Us Part II headlines a relatively stacked list of games headed to PlayStation Now in October 2021.

It appears that this is Sony's MO now. Let players complain about the lackluster PlayStation Plus offers, only to then release a list of stacked titles headed to PlayStation Now in the same month. For example, a week ago, Sony announced Mortal Kombat X and Hell Let Loose as part of the October 2021 PlayStation Plus lineup. Fast forward to today and Sony just made up for last week's travesty with heavy-hitters for this month's PlayStation Now.

The Last of Us Part II is the first game on PlayStation Now to be available with a PS5 patch.

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The Last of Us Part 2 is coming to PlayStation Now in October

Fallout 76 isn't the best game in the Fallout series, but it's far from the worst title out there.

After adding Tekken 7, Killing Floor 2, and the remastered version of Final Fantasy 7 (not the remake) as part of its September lineup, Sony announced a host of blockbusters for its October offerings. Headlining the list is The Last of Us Part II and Fallout 76. Meanwhile, Amnesia: Collection, which is made up of The Dark Descent, A Machine for Pigs, and Justine, as well as Final Fantasy 8 Remastered, are all coming to the video game streaming service this month as well.

Here's a complete list of all the games coming to PlayStation Now this October 2021:

  • The Last of Us Part 2
  • Fallout 76
  • Desperados 3
  • Amnesia: Collection
  • Final Fantasy 8 Remastered
  • Yet Another Zombie Defense HD
  • Victor Vran: Overkill Edition

What's particularly unique about the October 2021 PlayStation Now lineup is that The Last of Us Part 2 comes with the PS5 performance patch. Unlike other titles on the PlayStation Now, subscribers with a PS5 can download The Last of Us Part II from PlayStation Now and play the upgraded version instead of the PS4 version. This allows PS Now subscribers to play The Last of Us Part II at 60 frames per second.

Speaking of The Last of Us, a live-action adaptation of Naughty Dog's single-player title is currently in development. HBO recently released the first-ever teaser image of the upcoming TV show starring Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal as Ellie and Joel, respectively.

With that said, PlayStation Now's library is still a far cry from the Xbox Game Pass. These past few weeks alone, Microsoft added Scarlet Nexus and Marvel's Avengers. Meanwhile, Microsoft's subscription service has an entire slate of games set to launch on the platform that was confirmed at E3 2021. However, PlayStation Now is not without its merits.

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