PlayStation Germany "confirms" rumored Horizon Forbidden West delay

Horizon Forbidden West is still expected to release this year, or is it?

Guerilla Games treated audiences to one of the best open-world titles of the decade when it released Horizon Zero Dawn in 2017.

It definitely appears that Forbidden West isn't going to release until 2022.

Fast forward to 2021 and of course fans can't help but feel excited about the sequel. However, it appears that Forbidden West is not going to release this year as intended.

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Did PlayStation Germany just confirm the Forbidden West delay?

2022 is looking more and more packed in terms of big name video game releases by the day.

A couple of months ago, we talked about how it's okay if Sony decides to delay Forbidden West to 2022. Sometime later, we reported on how this was going to be the case.

So far, Sony nor Guerilla Games have confirmed or denied the rumors. As far as we're concerned, Forbidden West is still on track to release in 2021. Unfortunately, PlayStation Germany might have just proven that an announcement delay is imminent.

If you take a look at a post from the official blog, which rounded up the "must play games of the second half of 2021", you can't help but notice that Forbidden West is missing.

Maybe it was just a mistake, but this isn't just any publication, it is an official PlayStation website. Even if it's not true, readers might take it as confirmation that Sony has pushed back the release date of Forbidden West.

If you're curious to find out which games are included in the aforementioned list, here they are:

Now, this isn't to say that the list games aren't worth the inclusion. Indeed, they are some of the biggest games coming in the next couple of months. It's just that not including Forbidden West is such a glaring omission that you can't help but think that it wasn't a mistake, but rather intentional.

If that is the case, then Sony will have a bit of explaining to do after it already showcased Forbidden West earlier this year.

Lucky for Guerilla Games, there are still plenty of games like Forbidden West that should help keep fans occupied as they wait for Aloy's next adventure.

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