Sony Brings Back the PlayStation Days of Play Event for 2021

Sony is bringing back the PlayStation Days of Play event for 2021, giving PlayStation owners plenty of things to look forward to in the weeks ahead. This includes everything from community events, activities, rewards, and even a free weekend of PS Plus, among others.

Days of Play returns much earlier in 2021 as a lengthier celebration of all that is PlayStation.

Scroll down below to know more about the upcoming PlayStation Days of Play event.

What Can Fans Expect from the PlayStation Days of Play Event?

The PlayStation Days of Play event will see the return of the PlayStation Player Celebration. This is a special event where the entire PlayStation community will have to accomplish challenges shared across everyone. In return, for every goal accomplished, all participants will get a chance to receive a lot of free stuff, such as PSN avatars and PS4 themes, amongst other items.

Registration for the PlayStation Play Celebration is ongoing right now. It will stay open until May 31. Meanwhile, the main event will kick off on May 18.

Here's how to register for the PlayStation Player Celebration:

  1. Sign in and register using your PSN ID here
  2. Make sure to log in on May 18 to take part in the first stage of the community goals
  3. Play as many PS4 and PS5 games as possible to help achieve the weekly goal

So far, the event will have a total of three stages, with two main goals and a bonus goal each. The main goals include meeting a minimum total number of games played by the entire community and trophies earned. Reaching the first two achievements will unlock the bonus goal.

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Here are the different stages and each respective goal:

  • Stage One: 2.4 million games played and 7.2 million Trophies earned with a bonus stage for 3 million gamed played and 8.8 million Trophies earned.
  • Stage Two: 2.9 million games played and 8.5 million Trophies earned with a bonus stage for 3.6 million games played and 10.4 million Trophies earned.
  • Stage Three: 3 million games played and 9 million Trophies earned with a bonus stage for 3.7 million games played and 11 million Trophies earned.

Stage One of the PlayStation Player Celebration will kick off on May 18 followed by Stage Two on May 25 and Stage Three on June 1.

If the entire community of participants can reach all the goals, everyone will receive a cumulative prize in the form of a unique PSN avatar and a PS4 dynamic theme.

During this time, Sony will also hold special sales on a lot of games for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. There will also be free online multiplayer weekends so those without an active PlayStation Plus subscription can go online and play with their friends.

At the moment, Sony is currently offering Horizon Zero Dawn for free for all PlayStation owners. The console manufacturer also recently held a State of Play games showcase where the company unveiled more information about the upcoming PS-exclusive title, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, as well as dropped the news that hit indie title, Among Us, is coming to the PS4 and PS5 this 2021.

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