The earlier PlayStation 5 Slim leak was a hoax

A slimmer PS5 might indeed be in the works but it's not the one that was reportedly leaked by an Australian retail store.

Retailers are often your best source of insider information. Or, to be more precise, the retail workers who put themselves a step closer to being fired.

The PS5 is too bulky for Sony not to release a PS5 slim, but this isn't it.

Every now and then, retailers will leak information ahead of an official announcement. But, there are instances where it's just an honest mistake.

Case in point, the recent leak about a PS5 Slim coming out soon.

The Australian retailer, The Good Guys, was spotted claiming that a "new look, slimmer PS5" is coming soon. To no one's surprise, social media picked up on this and blew it out of proportion. It didn't take long for someone to burst the bubble though.

As it turns out, the retailer has had this description for many years, using the same exact words for the PS4 Slim.

TLDR; a PS5 Slim isn't launching at all.

A slimmer PS5 is advantageous for Sony as well as it lets them ship more units at a lower cost.

Of course, this doesn't mean that Sony won't bother redesigning the PS5. Not to fat-shame the flagship, but it could stand to lose weight and shave off a couple of inches. Sony has attempted to make the PS5 lighter in recent years, but fans want more.

Luckily, several sources have come forward with evidence of a much-slimmer PS5 model with a detachable disc drive. We've also heard that a PS5 Pro is in development.

So, while this leak turned out to be a whole bunch of nothing, we're bound to get something sooner rather than later.

Speaking of Sony, the world's leading console manufacturer just confirmed the PS Plus Essential lineup for April 2023. The company is also being put under the microscope by the U.S. Congress for anti-competitive practices in Japan against Microsoft.

Ray Ampoloquio
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