PlayStation 5 outsells the Nintendo Switch in Japan

It wouldn't surprise us if this marks the start of the PS5's run atop the sales charts in Japan and maybe even worldwide.

Due to a combination of various factors, including that the Nintendo Switch continues to sell like okonomiyaki, the PlayStation 5 has had a hard time establishing itself in its native territory ever since it launched in late 2020. A little over two years later, the PlayStation 5 has finally outsold the Switch, at least for one week.

Playstation 5 Outsells The Nintendo Switch In Japan
The PlayStation 5 will be lucky to come close to selling as many units as the PlayStation 4.

According to the numbers revealed by Famitsu (via resetera), the PS5 sold 62,908 units for the week ending January 29, a figure that's a lot higher when you compare it to the Switch (51,108 units). It's not necessarily a landslide victory but it's a start and a sign that more PS5 units are becoming more available in Japan and the market demand for the Switch is starting to go down.

At this point it's nearly impossible for PlayStation 5 to outsell the Nintendo Switch, which is third on the all-time charts. However, Sony will hope the console's popularity as the new year opens will carry over until it comes to a close. This year is huge for the PS5 as it's set to welcome several first-party and third-party exclusives into the platform along with the launch of the PSVR2.

Playstation 5 Outsells The Nintendo Switch In Japan
Marvel's Wolverine is expected to be out by late 2024.

Now that the PS4 has been discontinued and more PS5 units are available, things are on the up and up for Sony's flagship console.

Speaking of the PlayStation, insiders believe that the PS6 is taking precedence over a mid-cycle upgrade. However, many insist that a new PS5 model is still coming albeit it won't be an upgrade. Finally, Sony denies the reports that it has lowered its sales expectations for the PSVR2.

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