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PlayStation 5 exclusive title Ghostwire: Tokyo is coming to Xbox

A recent leak confirms Bethesda’s plan for the PlayStation-exclusive title released earlier this year.

Ghostwire Tokyo Xbox
Ghostwire: Tokyo is a timed PlayStation 5 exclusive released in March 2022.

Bethesda Softwork’s PlayStation 5 exclusive game, Ghostwire: Tokyo, is finally coming to the Xbox. This news is courtesy of eagle-eyed Twitter user Klobrille who posted a picture of Bethesda’s London office on his account. Klobrille got the picture off the website of Area, a workplace design company. Area had posted the picture on its website as part of its case studies but has since taken it down.

In the picture, Bethesda’s wall can be seen with art showcasing its different games and it has certain details, including their release year, developer, and platforms. One of the games on the wall art is Ghostwire: Tokyo and it includes Xbox Series X as one of the platforms it is on, alongside the PC and PlayStation 5.

Bethesda and Sony had an agreement that saw two of the game publishing company’s most popular titles, Deathloop and Ghostwire: Tokyo, head to the PlayStation 5 for a limited period. In the case of Deathloop, the timed exclusivity agreement was for a year. As a result, Bethesda released the title for the Xbox consoles in September after it had been available for Sony’s PlayStation since September 2021.

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While Bethesda’s art suggests an Xbox version of the game is on its way, fans might not see it until March 2023, at the very least, given the game was only released in March unless the Sony agreement with Bethesda is less than a year.

Ghostwire: Tokyo is a 2022 action-adventure game created by Tango Gameworks. The game uses a first-person perspective and follows the player who has a psychic ability which they use to fight ghosts and spirits. Ghostwire: Tokyo received generally favorable reviews upon release although it was not as highly rated as the other Bethesda title Deathloop.

Ghostwire Tokyo Xbox
Ghostwire: Tokyo is the last timed PlayStation exclusive title from Bethesda.

Ghostwire: Tokyo is the last game Bethesda will release exclusively on the PlayStation 5. The company’s future titles, including the role-playing game Starfield and co-op shooting game Redfall, will be released as Xbox-exclusive games. The two titles will be released straight to the Microsoft Game Pass, which is hardly a surprise since Microsoft owns Bethesda.

In other news, Santa Monica Studio’s God of War: Ragnarok is the second-highest rated game of 2022 so far. The game is set to be released on November 9. Also, Sony will release the PSVR 2 in February 2023. The company recently announced 11 new games as part of its lineup for the gadget.

Ghostwire: Tokyo is currently available on PC and PlayStation 5. At the moment, there is no release date for the Xbox consoles.

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