Sony’s PlayStation 5 is the best-selling console in August 2022

The PlayStation 5 recorded the most sales of all consoles last month despite a price hike, while EA Sport’s Madden NFL sold the most copies.

In its latest monthly sales report, the NPD Group disclosed that the PlayStation 5 posted the highest numbers of any console last month. The same report also has EA Sport’s Madden NFL 23 topping the list of the best-selling games for August 2022. Sony and Microsoft will also be happy to hear that the PS5 and Xbox Series S and Series X all witnessed double-digit percentage growth when compared to the same period last year.


The report showed that the US games industry earned $4.10 billion in August 2022 on the sale of games, consoles, and accessories. Unfortunately, while this figure beats from two years ago, there is a five percent year-on-year decline from last year’s $4.31 billion.

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For the month of August 2022, the PS5 and EA's Madden NFL 23 are the most sold console and game respectively.

Mat Piscatella, NPD Group’s Executive Director and Video Game Industry Advisor, had this to say:

Year-to-date spending through August 2022 totaled $34.6 billion, a 9% drop when compared to the same period in 2021, but 3% higher than the $33.5 billion achieved during the 2020 comparable period. 2022 video game monthly consumer spending has returned to 2020 levels.

Piscatella posted the extensive monthly sales report on Twitter and provides a range of data for games and hardware sales for August. The PlayStation 5 topped the list for hardware sales despite its substantial price hike. However, Nintendo Switch still occupies the top spot as the year’s overall best-selling console, so far.

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The NPD Group’s report also revealed that the newly released EA Sports’ Madden NFL 23 had the highest sales for individual games in what will be the 23rd consecutive year that a new Madden NFL game will make the most sales in its first month. A few weeks after its release, the game currently occupies the fifth position in 2022’s best-selling games ranking.

Interestingly enough, the recently released Saints Row reboot took the number two spot despite all the negative criticism, while another new game, Marvel’s Spider-Man, took third position.

Closing out August’s top five positions are Elden Ring and MultiVersus in the fourth and fifth positions respectively. Before this report, Elden Ring was the second best-selling game in July, while MultiVersus occupied the first position for that month. In other news, after it sold over 13.4 million units, Elden Ring became FromSoftware’s best selling game ever.

By the way, the PS5 DualSense Midnight Black controller was the best-selling accessory for August while the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller maintained its position as 2022’s most sold accessory.

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