Players can farm a Legendary Armor on Destiny 2 by cheesing boss

A new technique allows players to farm the Artifice Armor set within a few minutes in the new Lightfall expansion.

If you are looking to farm god roll armor pieces in Destiny 2, then you're in luck. Players have found a crafty way to beat a boss and farm Artifice Armor in the recently released Lightfall expansion.

The Artifice Armor set can only be found in Master Difficulty dungeons.

The Artifice Armor is one of the most sought-after endgame armors in Destiny 2. The main reason is because it comes with an extra mod slot which gives three points to any stat that you want. This will ensure that your stats reach the threshold of 10. However, it's difficult to find unless you know specifically where to look.

The legendary armor can only be obtained by completing in Master Difficulty dungeons. It is part of the rewards drop from when beating the boss. There are only three dungeons where the armor set can be found: Duality, Spire of the Watcher, and Grasp of Avarice.

Players have found a way to bait Gahlran into falling to his death using the Strand grappling hook.

If you're looking to obtain the Artifice Armor, then you are in luck as this week's legacy dungeon is Duality. And fortunately, players can cheese one of the bosses to farm god-tier rolls on the Artifice Armor.

Players discovered the tactic as soon as Lightfall launched last month. However, this week, the cheese is especially relevant, with Duality being the rotational map. Gahlran, the first boss of Duality, has been bugged for a while. To be more specific, players can lure him to the edge of the arena and coax him into doing a jumping attack that will result in him falling over the edge of the map and dying. Meanwhile, the new Strand grappling hook makes it easy to avoid certain death yourself.

However, gamers will first need to complete the Lightfall expansion to gain access to the Strand subclass. Players can use Phoenix Dash or an Eager Edge sword too, just to mix things up.

There is no crazy gameplay needed, just plain old-fashioned boss cheese. It's the best in-game farming method in Destiny 2 so far. So, do this method while you can as Bungie will surely be rotating the legacy map next week.

The entire run can be done in a little over two minutes.

Because of the exploit, the entire run will only take a little over two minutes to complete. It's a great way to farm Artifice helmet, arm, and leg pieces. Along with the armor set, players may also get good rolls on the Epicurean fusion rifle and Lingering Dread grenade launcher.

In response to the boss cheese method, Bungie made some adjustments that made it more difficult but it's still doable. It remains to be seen if Bungie will patch the tactic out of Destiny 2 completely.

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