You can play as Lady Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village Mercenaries soon

The Winters' Expansion will let players step on enemies as everybody's favorite big vampire lady in Mercenaries Mode.

Who doesn't know Lady Dimitrescu? Given how many cosplayers portrayed Lady D last year and how hard Capcom leaned into the mutant aristocrat to market Resident Evil Village, it's impossible to escape her clutches, both literally and figuratively.

We'd love to see Lady Dimitrescu's daughters come to Mercenaries Mode next.
We'd love to see Lady Dimitrescu's daughters come to Mercenaries Mode next.

Over a year later and the internet continues to salivate over Lady Dimitrescu, which gave Capcom the idea to bring the giant vampire lady to The Mercenaries Mode.

Mercenaries mode is an arcade-style rework of Resident Evil Village and is the latest in the long-running line of mini-games that started with 1999's Resident Evil 3. Just like previous iterations, Mercenaries Mode unlocks only after you beat the main campaign of Resident Evil Village.

Initially, the only playable character in Mercenaries Mode is Ethan Winters. But, with the addition of the "The Mercenaries: Additional Orders" update as part of the Winters' Expansion, Capcom is adding three more playable characters:

  • Chris Redfield: The original series protagonist returns as a playable character in the Mercenaries Mode after playing a prominent role in the events of Resident Evil: Biohazard and Resident Evil Village.
  • Karl Heisenberg: A mutant, engineer, and overall badass, Karl Heisenberg is one of the bosses you encounter in Resident Evil Village. He'll bring his trusty hammer with him in the Mercenaries Mode.
  • Lady Dimitrescu: Does she really need an introduction? Fittingly enough, Lady Dimitrescu will have to duck under doorways in Mercenaries Mode.
Lady Dimitrescu might just be the most simped Resident Evil villain of all time.
Lady Dimitrescu might just be the most simped Resident Evil villain/

On top of the new characters for The Mercenaries Mode, the Winters' Expansion will add a new third-person mode for the Resident Evil Village main campaign as well as new story-based content, Shadows of Rose. The DLC will put players in the shoes of a now-adult Rose as she heads back to the village to try and find out more about her powers as well as why she has them.

Winters' Expansion is included in the Resident Evil Village Gold Edition but you can also buy it individually. The DLC will drop on all major platforms on October 28.

In other Resident Evil news, Capcom confirmed that Resident Evil 4 Remake is coming out in 2023.

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