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A Guide to Playing Among Us With 100 Players

A Guide To Playing Among Us With 100 Players

Indie developers, Innersloth and Among Us, may not have come out of the proverbial gates running, but more than 2 years since it was first released back in June 2018, Among Us has become a much bigger hit than anyone would have ever expected.

If we're being honest though, we're more surprised that it took a while for the game to catch on. After all, it's a fairly simple game with an even more simple formula.

Basically, players take on the roles of astronauts known as "Crewmates" where they have to complete tasks within the ship all the while trying to find out who the alien "Imposter" is among them.

This simple premise has led to Among Us seeing a release to the Nintendo Switch console on November 15 with a planned Xbox One and Xbox Series X version in 2021.

Now, as is the case with any popular game released on the PC, Among Us has a huge modding community. However, of the many mods that have come out for Among Us, arguably the one that's all the rave these days is the 100-player mod.

Just as the name suggests, the 100-player mod increases the player count from just 10 to 100 people.

We don't exactly know whether or not this horrifies or excites you, but if you're curious and interested, here's how you can try out this mod.

How To Install the 100-Player Mod

Before anything else, we'd like to remind you that mods, no matter what kind, are typically not used in games like Among Us. This is because it's a multiplayer game and mods could easily influence gameplay. However, there are ways to play Among Us with mods.

In this case, to play the 100player mod, you'll have to join the special server set-up by the mod's maker, Socksfor1, via his own discord channel. Then, once you do gain access to the channel, you'll have to reach level 5 by doing events and tutorials within the server.

As already mentioned, even when you gain access to this mod, you still won't be able to host your own 100-player game.

This privilege is currently reserved only for Sockfor1 and a select few influencers.

Is the 100-Player Mod Available to Everyone?

As already mentioned earlier, the 100-player Mod for Among Us is not available to everyone.

Not only is the mod not sanctioned by the game's developers, but the mod, in particular, has limited availability, as you might have learned by now.

Will Innersloth ever officially add a 100-player mode? Probably not. 10 players are already enough for the game to be as fun and chaotic. Adding ten times more necessarily won't make things better. You can also only imagine the stress on the servers of the game if this mod was ever implemented.

Don't even think about hacking your way into making this mod available in the main game of Among Us.

Remember, Among Us is a multiplayer title with developers who are active when it comes to maintaining the integrity of the game. You will get banned if caught trying to hack the 100-player mod into the game.

Will the 100-Player Mod Be Available on Other Platforms?

No, it's not. It probably ever won't be. It's only available on the PC version of the game for now and only if you follow a very specific set of instructions.

What’s Next for Among Us?

Given how popular it has become, it's highly unlikely that Among Us will die soon.
Given how popular it has become, it's highly unlikely that Among Us will die soon.

With Among Us being such a big hit in 2020, it only makes sense for Innersloth to continue working on the game.

In a recent blog post, the developers detailed what players can and should expect come 2021. This includes more info and a reminder that an entirely new Airship map is going to come sooner rather than later, as well as the fact that the game will make its way to the Xbox Series X and Xbox One soon.

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