You need to play Hogwarts Legacy four times to earn the Platinum Trophy

You cannot play favorites when it comes to Hogwarts' Houses if you wish to collect the Platinum Trophy for Hogwarts Legacy.

Players who have begun their adventure in the Wizarding World of Hogwarts Legacy have undoubtedly collected a considerable number of trophies by now. There is one trophy, though, that demands that you restart the game multiple times from scratch.

To earn the Hogwarts Legacy Platinum trophy, Harry Potter fans will have to find all collectibles in the game through their first run and achieve 100% completion. Once you've achieved this, you'll have to start the game at least three more times, and on each start, you will have to join a new house. The good news is you won't have to achieve 100% completion the next three times. All you have to do is complete 'Map Chamber', the eighteenth mission of the main campaign, on every restart.

To get to this point, players will only have to log two hours of play, excluding the cutscenes and in-game dialogue. In addition to this, eager players can skip the game's prologue through the autosave option that appears before the sorting hat scene.

Hogwarts Legacy has a total of 46 trophies.

Although trophy seekers will greatly benefit from this information, the majority of players will view this as an opportunity to relive the exhilarating experience of playing the game four more times. Hogwarts Legacy has already won praise from both critics and players in less than a week. It's safe to assume that Warner Bros. Discovery will seek to invest more resources in the Wizarding World franchise going forward.

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