Platform fighter starring Batman and Shaggy reportedly in the works

NetherRealm's next project might be a platform fighter featuring characters owned by Warner Bros.

Platform fighting games aren't necessarily the biggest sub-genre in gaming. Whether it's because Nintendo's Smash Bros. is too big or that there's just not enough of a market for several big titles to co-exist, platform fighters have never really attracted multiple big companies at once. But, it appears that this is going to change soon. According to several reports, Warner Bros. is making a platform fighting game composed of fighters from several different WB properties.

A popular internet meme might have just spurred WB to invest in one of the unlikeliest games ever.

Interestingly, depending on who you ask, the could be made by NetherRealm Studios, the same people behind the Mortal Kombat and Injustice games, or someone else entirely.

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Is Warner Bros working on a platform fighting game?

In the meantime, modders have had their fill trying to bring Shaggy into all kinds of video games.

All the rumors started on the r/GamingLeaksAndRumours subreddit where a certain u/hugeleakeractually claimed to have come across information that WB was working on an entirely new IP based on Smash Bros. He described it as a "tag-team" game that came to be because NetherRealm found the memes of Shaggy getting into his "Ultra Instinct" form and wreaking havoc in a Mortal Kombat game. NetherRealm decided to pitch the idea to WB, who loved it and greenlit the game.

One of the more damning pieces of evidence to this game comes in the form of a trademark filed by Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc., which points to the potential name of the rumored game, Multiversus.

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With that said, one trusted insider suggests that only part of the rumor that started on Reddit is true.

According to Jeff Grubb, the WB platform fighting is real. The only difference is that it's not NetherRealm that is working on it. Instead, WB tapped a different studio to develop the game, which, quite frankly is a bit sad. Fans were hoping that NetherRealm was working on either Mortal Kombat 12 or something big after the studio confirmed earlier this year that it had already finished releasing new content for Mortal Kombat 11.

Of course, it should go without saying, but you should take everything you just read with a grain of salt. NetherRealm nor WB has confirmed that a game titled Multiverse is in their respective pipelines. Not to mention, it's hard seeing WB take such a big leap of faith given how big Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. Ultimate remains after welcoming Sora. Then again, who knows? If Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl can happen, then we suppose something like Multiverse could too.

If nothing else, it would be assuming to see how well Johnny Bravo would fare against Batman or if Shaggy is as powerful as the memes make him out to be, as he dukes it out with Fred Flinstone.

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