Phil Spencer is not worried about "out consoling" Sony or Nintendo

Phil Spencer emphasizes the company's vision to focus on the gaming experience and community, rather than competing with Sony and Nintendo in sales.

It looks like Phil Spencer is content seeing Xbox lag behind Nintendo and PlayStation in sales.

Nintendo and Sony are definitely in the business of trying to sell as many consoles as possible and the perennial runner-up, Xbox, isn't.

Xbox Game Studios CEO, Phil Spencer, recently joined the Kinda Funny Xcast to talk about several things, including Redfall's sorry state and admitting that the Xbox One lost to the PS4. Then, once the topic veered towards Xbox's ongoing struggle to sell on the market, Spencer had an interesting bit to share.

According to Spencer, Xbox's focus is "making the console experience as great as it can be", adding that Microsoft wants to turn the Xbox platform "to be something the people who buy our console can feel like they're a member of," and that the vision is to make Xbox owners feel like a "first-class citizen."

Finally, Spencer mentioned that it's not focused on competing with Sony and Nintendo in regard to unit sales.

Spencer believes that the Xbox needs to explore other markets instead of competing with Sony and Nintendo, which hasn't proven to be fruitful.

If it's consolation, the Game Pass and the xCloud have been quite successful. The former, in particular, constantly sees the addition of new games, including third-party titles that are available at launch on the Game Pass. It's even made a fan out of some developers who claim that adding their games to the Game Pass boosted sales instead of decreasing them, a stark contrast to Microsoft's own admission earlier this year.

However, while Spencer is the first to admit that the Xbox is in third place to Sony and Nintendo, he reassures fans that the Xbox brand is still a huge part of the company's future.

The Xbox Series S was supposed to help the brand cater to the more economically-minded buyers but it hasn't flown off the sales despite its excellent price-to-performance ratio.

Things are looking for the Xbox brand despite some bad news regarding Redfall. Xbox will take center stage from June 11 to 13 with a multi-day showcase, including this year's iteration of the Xbox Games Showcase followed by Starfield Direct. A new exclusive, Forza Motorsport, might also be coming to the Xbox sooner rather than later.

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