PewDiePie Talks About David Dobrik in Recent Livestream

Controversial internet personality Dobrik has found himself in the center of numerous allegations, mostly revolving around sexual assault. Thus, it probably doesn't help his reputation when someone like PewDiePie weighs in and decides to call Dobrik out, using the words shady and weird to describe Dobrik in his recent live stream.

As one of the biggest internet personalities in the world, PewDiePie's take on the matter will only serve to damage Dobrik's reputation even more.

Controversy Not New for David Dobrik

Dobrik has found himself on the wrong end of controversial issues numerous times before already.

Case in point, he has been accused of using racial slurs in the past. He was also alleged to have engaged in inappropriate and sexual behavior with underaged individuals as well. However, the most recent accusation comes from Seth Francois, a former Vlog Squad member, who claimed that he was sexually assaulted and pressured into making non-consensual sexual content.

Following the revelation, others too stepped forward. Numerous personalities chimed in with either their thoughts or personal experiences with Dobrik. Danielle Bregoli, otherwise more commonly known as Bhad Bhabie, even went as far as to refer to Dobrik as creepy and that he apparently still owes her money.

However, what arguably fueled the fire the most is PewDiePie's take on the matter.

The Swedish YouTuber offered his opinion on Dobrik in response to the chat on his live stream, with several people talking about the situation. He explains that he doesn't really know David all too well. However, he goes on to say that his radar gave him some "off feelings". He likened what he felt regarding Dobrik to Logan Paul.

PewDiePie, whose real name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, also goes on to explicitly refer to Dobrik as "hella shady", which corroborates with similar statements from other personalities that have since come out with their own take.

It wasn't all negative though. PewDiePie did give Dobrik credit for his entertaining videos. However, he did say that he questioned how Dobrik manages to pull off all of his videos. He even refers to his own previous experiences where he was quickly judged and criticized for using racial slurs and anti-Semitic jokes on his live stream.

What Is Dobrik's Response to the Allegations?

David Dobrik has yet to respond to what other personalities are saying about him. However, he has issued a response to the sexual assault allegations via Scotty Sire. He says in a recent video that Dobrik did have Francois' consent when he did the pranks that became the subject of the allegations against him in the first place.

Dobrik even goes as far as to show text messages and audio recordings where Francois says that he is open to yet another similar sketch while clarifying that although he is not gay, he is trying to be "more open-minded.

Despite responding with the video, Dobrik continues to be the subject of criticism. PewDiePie's take will definitely not help him in any way.

David Dobrik is a Slovak YouTuber who is known for being the leader of The Vlog Squad. To date, his videos with his friends on his vlog channel alone have accumulated more than 8.2 billion views in total. He's also been referred to as the Jimmy Fallon of his generation by The Wall Street Journal.

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