PewDiePie describes Squid Game as an "anime rip-off"

Squid Game is on pace to become the most-watched Netflix TV series of all time, but don't count PewDiePie as a fan.

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past month, you've probably already heard of Squid Game if not watched it. It's impossible to avoid seeing the name of the South Korean Netflix TV series every time you go online. The death game drama show continues to go viral with Netflix already confirming that Squid Game is on track to displace Bridgerton as the streaming platform's most viewed show within its first month.

PewDiePie's hot take on Squid Game is going viral.

However, as much as it feels like everyone is a fan of Squid Game already, it appears that PewDiePie isn't one of them. One of the biggest YouTube stars in the world gave his unpopular opinion about Squid Game in a recent YouTube video, and it's safe to say that he's ruffled a fair few feathers.

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What does PewDiePie think of Squid Game?

To be fair, PewDiePie does have a point. However, the anime series that he listed aren't exactly that popular. This explains why many see Squid Game as an original show.

In one of his most recent uploads, the 31-year-old YouTube star can be seen playing a Roblox re-creation of Squid Game. While playing, PewDiePie started to criticize Squid Game. He says that Squid Game is just "ripping off all these animes", citing Kaiji and Liar Game as Japanese animation shows that have similar plots to Squid Game. He also added that one of the Netflix show's biggest flaws was that the "protagonist was actually kind of smart."

Even if PewDiePie isn't a fan of Squid Game, he did admit that he hasn't finished watching the entire season yet. He explained that he's "only watched a few episodes of Squid Game." Ironically, the popular content creator can't seem to stop playing the show's re-creation on Roblox.

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It's hard to deny how popular Squid Game has become. As mentioned earlier, Netflix has confirmed that Squid Game could become the biggest TV show on the platform ever. What's perhaps the most surprising part about this is that it hasn't even been a month since Squid Game first aired on Netflix on September 16.

The series' director Hwang Dong-hyuk also wrote all the episodes. Hwang has previously stated that he has no plans to write a sequel or a follow-up season to Squid Game at the moment.

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