Persona 3 remake gameplay leaked anonymously

The leak also hints at a new Jet Set Radio game.

A few months ago, we reported on a reliable insider leak claiming that Atlus is working on a full remake of Persona 3 as one of its unannounced projects. The insider news was the talk of the town, and the latest additions to the leaks have reignited interest in the Persona 3 remake.

An anonymous user on Twitter supposedly shared a short gameplay clip of the Persona 3 remake. A Twitter user AVtoGAMEnoYAMI shared the clip on a Twitter post (after receiving it from an anonymous user). The gameplay shows one of the characters named Yukari, summoning her persona, followed by shooting a spree of her magical arrows.

While we understand that, in this day and age, it is fairly easy to make a fake trailer, especially with all the new improvements we've seen in AI and its utilization, the quality of the gameplay seems too good to be fake.

The footage also has a Japanese watermark that reads "Footage in development." According to the Twitter user, the footage comes from a SEGA Japan internal meeting, which was held in 2021. Given how good the footage looks, it has rapidly spread across social media platforms like Reddit, Twitter, and Youtube.

If the gameplay footage is indeed a fake, then the creator of the animation has gone to great lengths to create it.

We won't be showing the footage here for obvious reasons. There is still no definitive proof of whether this gameplay belongs to the Persona 3 remake. But the clip also included some other games that were part of the apparent 2021 internal meeting, such as Sonic Frontiers, Jet Set Radio, and more. We've already got Sonic Frontiers, which adds credibility to the leak. The video looks like a promo for several games.

Could this mean that the original Jet Set Radio fans are getting a remake or reboot? The shared footage is still up on many social media platforms and has not been taken down as of yet. But it is still quite early and could yet be DMCA'd by the devs. Ironically, if the video does get taken down in the coming days, it would confirm that the gameplay indeed belongs to the Persona 3 remake.

The rumors about a Persona 3 remake have been circulating the internet for several months now, and it would be a surprise if Atlus doesn't announce anything related to the game in the near future.

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