Pellington 703 Custom Class Loadout For Warzone

Below is our recommended Pellington 703 loadout for Warzone. Other weapon loadout guides can be found here.

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The Pellington 703, also dubbed as the "Kar98k" of Cold War weapon arsenal, is great for Cold War and shreds in Warzone. It has the potential for a 1-shot headshot kill and does some serious damage. If you were able to run around with a Kar98k confidently, you would surely be able to use the Pellington 703 aggressively.

The Pellington sometimes feels like a hitscan weapon at up to 200 meters, given the target is stationary. If sometimes you hit the enemies, and they don't get hit, that is because of poor hitbox optimization of some of the Cold War weapons in Warzone. We believe this will be fixed soon.

This build focuses on accuracy and mobility. You must level up your Pellington to at least level 46. We have a full guide on how to upgrade your weapon, battle pass tier, and player fast. You can also check out our guide on all the attachments for every Cold War weapon in Warzone, along with their unlock level requirements.

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For the Muzzle attachment, we recommend going with the Wrapped Suppressor. This is essentially a Monolithic Suppressor for your Sniper Rifles. The Wrapped Suppressor conceals your shots, provides vertical recoil control and idle sway control. In addition to the stated buffs, the attachment also offers two hidden buffs - increased bullet velocity and damage range. This is similar to what the Monolithic Suppressor offers.

The Wrapped Suppressor unlocks at level 46.


According to the in-game stats, the best Barrel is 26.5" Tiger Team, but that is wrong. The longest and best barrel attachment is the 27.2" Combat Recon, and that is what you must go with. It gives the most bullet velocity increase and makes the weapon feel like a "hitscan" weapon.

The 27.2" Combat Recon barrel attachment unlocks at level 30.


Normally, you would go with the rear grip attachment for an attachment that favors faster ADS speed, but currently (as February 25, 2021), the Cold War weapon attachments are not working the way they should and to fill the spot, we can go with the Underbarrel attachment.

You can select the Bipod for better vertical and horizontal recoil. It is not really needed but there are no cons associated with the Bipod. It might help you when firing those follow-up shots to take out multiple targets.

The Bipod unlocks at level 41.


For the Ammunition, you can either go with the 7 Round or Fast Loader attachment. The issue with the 7 Rnd attachment is the reduced ADS speed. We need to make sure the ADS speed is the fastest if we're going to be using this sniper rifle aggressively.

The Fast Loader is a good option and we recommend going with it. The Fast Loader attachment offers faster reload speed at the cost of nothing. It's a bit of a trade-off if you go with 7 Rnd mags, but it's completely a personal preference.

The Fast Loader ammunition attachment unlocks at level 16.


The Optic attachment is a complete game-changer for Cold War weapons, especially Sniper Rifles. There are two attachments that you can go with - Axial Arms 3x or Royal & Kross 4x. We recommend going with the Royal & Kross 4x which is similar to the Sniper Scope on the Kar98k. What makes this Optic a game-changer, you might ask? It does not have a glint!

This makes it easier for you to stay hidden at long ranges and take out your enemies as opposed to the other sniper rifles and optics where an optic glint can easily give away your position. The Royal & Kross 4x Optic attachment unlocks at level 27.

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