Peacock and WWE reportedly blocking release of Stone Cold cartoon

The unconfirmed Stone Cold cartoon has already been paid for but Peacock doesn't want to release it.

The WWE has diversified its revenue streams over the years. Most recently, the WWE struck a streaming partnership with Peacock, where the wrestling promotion usually releases its original content. But, while the WWE has ramped up its production in recent years, it's still sitting on a handful of unreleased projects. One, in particular, apparently involves a cartoon version of the Hall of Famer, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.

Soder explains that WWE's involvement derailed the progress of the animated show.

Apparently comedian Dan Soder worked with fellow comedian, Dan St. Germain, to write the unannounced animated series with no involvement from the WWE. But, Soder is saying that the WWE and Peacock are giving them the runaround and that they haven't heard any update about the series for 17 months. Soder adds that the Texas Rattlesnake was "way on board" with the "dark and weird" animated show.

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Dan hopes that bringing the details of the still-untitled show to the public will push WWE and Peacock to finally give it the greenlight.

So, what gives? At this point, only WWE and Peacock know.

Now that the WWE is under new management, maybe Dan's animated series will finally get the spotlight that he believes it rightfully deserves.

The WWE should give Soder's idea a chance if it's true that Stone Cold loves it.

At the very least, if Stone Cold is on board, maybe he can tap his old buddy, Triple H, to have a look at it. Stone Cold might even be able to rope in Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson for a cameo or two. If that happens, then it won't be long before the show gets the greenlight. After all, if The Rock can force Warner Bros. Discovery's hand and bring Henry Cavill back, we're pretty sure the Brahma Bull has just as much pull in his old playground.

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