Peacemaker meets his new team in the latest clip

The United States Government officially enlists Peacemaker to "Project Butterfly" and introduces him to his crew in the latest trailer for the upcoming HBO Max series.

After linking up with Task Force X earlier this year in James Gunn's foray into the DCEU, John Cena's Peacemaker is back on the small screen as he leads another ragtag bunch of uniquely skilled individuals in a bid to protect the United States of America.

Come and meet Peacemaker's newest buddies in the latest trailer for the upcoming HBO Max series.

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Peacemaker is the perfect fit for "Project Butterfly"

Regardless of how well Peacemaker does, John Cena has proven that he understood the assignment.

As we've already mentioned, Cena's Christopher Smith isn't new to playing nice with other similar individuals. The character was a part of Task Force X as Amanda Waller sent them to deal with "Project Starfish." However, as audiences learned during the film's final act, Smith's commitment to his mission leads him to betray his newfound squad. Although it appeared that he'd died during the events, a post-credits scene shows that Peacemaker is still very much alive.

After severing ties from the Suicide Squad, Peacemaker will now lead another group of mostly new teammates. The only holdover from Suicide Squad is Emilia Harcourt, who wasn't afraid to show her displeasure to work with Peacemaker again.

As you can see from the recent footage from the HBO Max show, Peacemaker is sitting on his couch as the unit's leader, Chukwudi Iwuji's Clemson Murn, briefs him about the mission. As Murn talks about what's going to happen, he also introduces Peacemaker to the rest of the team. The first one up is Jennifer Holland's Emilia Harcourt, who will serve as Peacemaker's handler. Next is Steve Agee's John Economos, who is in charge of tech and tactics. The last team member is Danielle Brooks' Leota Adebayo, the team's most recent recruit outside of Peacemaker who is in charge of "most everything else."

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Peacemaker has been one of HBO Max's most highly anticipated shows after it was confirmed earlier this year. The show will pick up following the events of The Suicide Squad, which bombed at the global box office.

In addition to John Cena, Peacemaker will bring back James Gunn as the series creator, writer, and director for several episodes. Fans got their first teaser video and a release date back in October with Cena popping by the San Diego Comic-con in full costume just a few weeks later.

Peacemaker is the first of a jam-packed slate of comic book shows and movies for HBO Max in 2022.

A lot hinges on the success (and failure) of Peacemaker. If it fares well among streaming and TV audiences, Warner Bros. might reconsider bringing Cena and Gunn back for a second season. But, if not, here's to hoping that Warner Bros. has other plans for DCEU fans going forward. Thankfully, fans will only need to wait until January 13, 2022, to find out

Speaking of DC Comics, fans have a lot to look forward to in 2022. Even if it's not part of the DCEU, Matt Reeves' The Batman is shaping up to be quite the spectacle ahead of its March 4, 2022 release date, especially after the latest trailer. The Dwayne Johnson-led Black Adam is also set to premiere on July 19, 2022, along with The Flash, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, as well as Batgirl.

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