HBO Max's Peacemaker gets first teaser video and premiere date

The John Cena-led Suicide Squad spin-off TV series finally gets a release date, confirming earlier rumors.

DC FanDome 2021 did not disappoint. The nearly four-hour live stream gave DC fans from all around the globe a chance to find out more about what Warner Bros. has in the pipeline for the next year or two. Among the several shows, films, comic books, and video games shown off at the highly-anticipated event were a 4K trailer for Matt Reeves' Batman starring Robert Pattinson and a brief trailer for Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam.

Peacemaker stars John Cena in the titular superhero role.

DC fans also got a better look at The Suicide Squad spin-off, Peacemaker, which sees John Cena reprise his star-spangled titular role, at the online showcase.

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Peacemaker talks about "butt babies" in latest Peacemaker teaser

If you thought Task Force X was eccentric, wait until you meet Peacemaker's latest crew.

James Gunn's The Suicide Squad might not have been a big box office success, but fans and critics alike loved it a lot more than the previous one. Perhaps the best thing about The Suicide Squad is that it has an off-shoot TV series coming up. John Cena's Peacemaker is coming to HBO Max and Warner Bros. dropped the series' first-ever teaser trailer at DC FanDome 2021, which does a great job at describing the character down to a T.

The first official teaser for Peacemaker goes beyond the HBO Max sizzle reel. It also gives audiences a look at Peacemaker's crew, which, to be honest, isn't a far cry from Task Force X. We even see Peacemaker telling us what he thinks about butt babies in the teaser. It's not accurate, by any means. However, it encapsulates what makes John Cena's take on the lovable but violent patriot so endearing to fans.

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To top it all off, HBO Max dropped both a teaser and a premiere date of Peacemaker at DC FanDome 2021. After slogging filming through the COVID-19 pandemic, Peacemaker is finally set to arrive on HBO Max on January 13, which is earlier than the previous leak. Gunn, who directed and wrote The Suicide Squad, also served as the writer for the entire first season of Peacemaker while also directing a huge portion of it.

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