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Pathfinder: Lore Masters trivia game is coming to Android and iOS

Paizo and Lore Masters are teaming up for the Pathfinder: Lore Masters game coming for Android and iOS mobile devices.

Paizo and Lore Masters are teaming up for the Pathfinder: Lore Masters game coming for Android and iOS mobile devices. (Images: Paizo/Lore Masters)

Paizo wants you to test your Pathfinder TTRPG knowledge with the upcoming Pathfinder: Lore Masters trivia game for Android and iOS devices.

Pathfinder is the cornerstone of the tabletop roleplaying business of Paizo Inc. (formerly Paizo Publishing, LLC). When Wizards of the Coast chose to abandon the fan-favorite 3.5 Edition of Dungeons & Dragons, Paizo saw an opportunity to develop its own TTRPG using the Open Gaming License (OGL). While the 4th Edition of D&D turned out to be a failure, Paizo’s Pathfinder enjoyed a period of great success.

And while D&D 5th Edition reclaimed the top spot in the TTRPG industry, Pathfinder continues to carve its own niche including branching out to video games such as 2021’s Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous.

News of the Pathfinder: Lore Masters release was shared by both Paizo and Lore Masters on their official websites and social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

The Lore Masters website describes the collaboration as follows:

With passion and dedication, the Lore Masters team has crafted this game from their love of tabletop RPGs, boasting years of combined experience in game development, roleplaying and game mastering…

… "our excitement knows no bounds as we eagerly await the moment when every Pathfinder fan can challenge each other’s knowledge. The game’s progress has been fantastic, and we’re proud to share that a demo build is already in Paizo’s hands. We’re actively working on their feedback and integrating features like user profiles and progression for our release."

Mark Moreland, Director of Brand Strategy at Paizo, shared this enthusiasm for the upcoming digital game based on the company’s Pathfinder TTRPG:

We're very excited to bring the world of Golarion to Lore Masters. This engaging trivia game is a great way to immerse players new and old in the lore and rules of Pathfinder.

Pathfinder: Lore Masters allows players to choose a class that the trivia questions will center on. They can also opt to test their general knowledge with the broader scope of the Pathfinder rulebooks and supplements. Players have a set of Hit Points which will be reduced by wrong answers. Winning the trivia challenges earns XP to level up.

Pathfinder: Lore Masters players gain XP and can level up as they progress in the trivia game.

The Pathfinder: Lore Masters mobile game will feature 6500 questions from the tabletop Pathfinder roleplaying game system. The references included in developing these trivia questions include the Pathfinder Core Rulebook, as well as the Lost Omens World Guide, and the Rage of Elements book. Plus, the road map of release will include the Pathfinder Second Edition Player Core Remaster (November 2023), Lost Omens Highhelm (February 2024), Lost Omens Gods & Magic (April 2024), and the Pathfinder Player Core 2 Remaster (August 2024).

The questions and their answers are specifically designed to challenge the knowledge of even the most experienced Pathfinder game masters and players. Aside from the standard solo gameplay, Pathfinder: Lore Masters will include multiplayer modes, PVP challenges, and a variety of trivia categories with up to five difficulty levels. Multiplayer mode will also track scores via an in-game leaderboard.

Plus, the Pathfinder: Lore Masters mobile game will also feature epic music from Two Steps From Hell’s Thomas Bergersen & Nick Phoenix.

Paizo is ramping up its presence in the gaming industry, particularly with the Pathfinder brand. Along with other tabletop roleplaying companies, Paizo developed and released the ORC (Open RPG Creative) License.

With the final release of the ORC License submitted to the Library of Congress, players and third party TTRPG publishers have access to a system-agnostic protection for using and sharing game mechanics. This was a direct response to the controversial Open Gaming License changes proposed by Wizards of the Coast for its Dungeons & Dragons brand and SRD (System Reference Document).

The Pathfinder: Lore Masters trivia questions reference the TTRPG core rulebooks and supplements.

With the new digital Pathfinder: Lore Masters trivia game for mobile devices, Paizo seems to reach a wider audience beyond the hardcore TTRPG and video game players. What could the next Pathfinder tie-in be? Perhaps an MMO to compete with Dungeons & Dragons Online? Or a live action film like the recent Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves?

Pathfinder: Lore Masters is targeted for release on October 2023 for both the Android and iOS versions. Interested players can pre-register for Pathfinder: Lore Masters right now.

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  1. I remember hearing rumors about something they were working on, I did not expect this type of game though.

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