Paranormal Activity 7 to be released earlier than expected

Paramount is hoping to revive the ailing franchise with Paranormal Activity 7 to be released on Halloween.

Paranormal Activity fans are in for a treat as Paramount is reportedly releasing the seventh installment of the infamous movie series around Halloween. The movie was initially scheduled to release in March 2021 but was pushed back due to complications caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now, taking a precautionary approach considering the pandemic, Paranormal Activity 7 will be available to watch via the Paramount+ in the comfort of your own home.

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The last Paranormal Activity movie was released almost 6 years ago. It was apparent that the same old "homemade" camera footage format of the movie was getting old, as indicated by the declining financial performance of the franchise. It seems Paramount is determined to revive the series with the upcoming Paranormal Activity 7 by going back to its roots and adopting the original "found-footage" style.

The upcoming film is directed by William Eubank and written by Christopher Landon, who is also an executive producer alongside Steven Schneider, Blumhouse's Jason Blum, and the Paranormal Activity franchise creator Oren Peli.

Chloe Csengery (left) and Jessica Tyler Brown (Right) as seen in Paranormal Activity 3

It has been reported that Paranormal Activity is just one of at least three or four of the franchises that Paramount plans to bring back to life over the next 3-4 years via the Paramount+ streaming service. The planned films will all be available to watch via the same Paramount+ streaming service.

Tanya Giles, the Chief Programming Officer for ViacomCBS Streaming, commented during the Television Critics Association (TCA) press tour that the movie will be released along with a documentary that shows the behind-the-scenes and how the movie was filmed.

A new Paranormal Activity from Paramount Players should bring fans an unexpected reimagining of the beloved horror franchise. We’ll also be launching a documentary on the making of the Paranormal Activity feature. Both of which will be coming to the service in time for Halloween.

While not much is known about the movie's plot, we do have the information on the cast. Paranormal Activity 7 will feature Emily Bader, Dan Lippert, Roland Buck II, and Henry Ayres-Brown.

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