Paramount is reportedly working on a fourth Cloverfield film

For the first time in franchise history, we know well ahead of its release that a new Cloverfield is in the works.

The Cloverfield franchise has given us a mixed bag of genres. From the found footage of the original to the multiverse space horror of Cloverfield Paradox. It can be a bit confusing when watching all three films in succession, but we will get to that later.

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The Cloverfield franchise will have a fourth film.

Paramount is currently working on the fourth entry into the Cloverfield series. Early reports indicate that this will be a direct sequel to the original film.

Babak Anvari is reportedly onboard as the film’s director. Anvari, a British-Iranian, is known for directing horror films. His previous works include Under the Shadow and Wounds. Joe Barton will be in charge of writing the screenplay. Barton worked on several Netflix shows including Giri/Haji and The Lazarus Project. J.J. Abrams, Hannah Minghella, and Jon Cohen will be working as producers of the sequel.

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The director of the first film, Matt Reeves, along with scriptwriter Drew Goddard as well as producer Bryan Burk, will serve as executive producers of the new film.

There were no details given on the plot or how it is connected to the film franchise.

What is the Cloververse?

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Cloverfield 2 will be a direct sequel of the original film.

The Cloververse is what fans of the film franchise call the universe of the three films, namely: Cloverfield (2008), 10 Cloverfield Lane (2016), and The Cloverfield Paradox (2018) are stand-alone films and are only related as they are set in the same universe.

Cloverfield was a found monster film where a group of six friends make their way to New York City to rescue Rob’s girlfriend Beth. As the group moves across the city they are caught in the crossfire as the military tries to fight off giant monsters. The film ends with Rob and Beth saying a final testimony to the camera as the government bombs New York.

10 Cloverfield Lane is the second film in the franchise and takes audiences on a cabin-fever-type setting where Michelle and Emmett shelter with Howard as the monster crisis sweeps through the country. Michelle discovers the truth about Howard and tries to escape with Emmett. The escape plot is discovered and Howard kills Emmett while Michelle manages to escape and destroy the house and kills Howard.

In the final scene, Michelle drives in the direction of Houston, Texas where the military can be seen gathering volunteers to fight the monster threat.

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Fans speculate that the events of the third film may have triggered the plot of the first two installments.

The Cloverfield Paradox is more of a science fiction film where scientists in an orbiting space station use an experimental energy source to solve a looming power crisis. The experiment goes awry and transports the space station into another multiverse. The crew finds a way to return to their universe while fighting off another scientist seeking to use the space station to fix her alternate timeline.

During the film, monsters are seen traversing dimensions as the experimental energy source was activated. A giant monster is even seen breaching the clouds.

All three films share the monster invasion plot but are not otherwise related. Fans theorized that the particle accelerator used during The Cloverfield Paradox triggered an invasion of the monsters or aliens from another universe. The first two films became the consequence of the monster invasion of Earth.

Fans are now wondering how the fourth film will tie up the whole thing together.

We'll find out more as soon as the fourth Cloverfield film trailer arrives. However, one thing that will separate the upcoming installment is that we know it's coming; we only found out about the other three after their trailers came out.

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