Paramount+ renews Yellowstone spinoff 1923 for season 2

The Yellowstone spin-off and prequel series was the most viewed series premiere on cable TV last year when it premiered.

Streaming service Paramount+ has renewed the Yellowstone prequel series, 1923, for another season.

Paramount+ Renews Yellowstone Spinoff 1923 For Season 2
1923 stars Harrison Ford who expressed his interest in reprising his role even before the show was renewed.

The decision to renew 1923 certainly comes as no surprise given the massive success that the Western drama television series has enjoyed since its debut last December. According to Paramount+, the show’s debut episode pulled in roughly 7.4 million viewers on the streaming platform as well as other Paramount Network channels, making it the platform’s most-watched premiere ever in the United States.

1923 didn’t only appeal to audiences but it also earned rave critical reviews. According to Rotten Tomatoes, 1923 earned an average of 89% approval rating from 38 verified critics. The show also garnered 75% approval ratings from 221 verified viewers on the same platform.

Set in 1923, the series follows another generation of the Dutton family, Jacob and Cara Dutton, as they manage their ranch amidst the crisis – drought, Prohibition, and the Great Depression – that plagued the early 1900s.

It stars Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren as Jacob Dutton and Cara Dutton respectively. It also stars Brandon Sklenar, Jerome Flynn, Julia Schlaepfer, Darren Mann, Isabel May, and Brian Geraghty who play Spencer Dutton, Banner Creighton, Alexandra, Jack Dutton, Elsa Dutton, and Zane Davis respectively.

1923 was created by Taylor Sheridan, who also created Yellowstone and 1883. The show is set several decades after the events of 1883, which is another Yellowstone prequel, albeit a short-lived one.

Paramount+ Renews Yellowstone Spinoff 1923 For Season 2
Helen Mirren, who worked with Ford about three decades, stars as his wife in the series.

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Ford and Mirren, who starred opposite each other in the 1986 drama titled The Mosquito Coast, revealed that each other’s presence was a major factor in accepting their respective roles in the series. Mirren further stated, "I think we’re both a bit more achey. We loved working together then, but we were very different."

Ford echoed the same sentiment, saying that the show’s director explained the project to him and he found the ambition attractive. In his words, "He’s produced a work of incredible ambition, scale, scope [and] cinematic ambition. Taylor thinks of each of these episodes as a one-hour movie. And that’s the product that we’re getting."

Before the renewal, Ford had expressed his interest in reprising his role as the Dutton family patriarch. The iconic actor stated that he had been satisfied and challenged by the work he had to do in the series. He admitted his hope for another of the series so he can further explore his character and get to know him.

1923 went on a brief hiatus after the first four episodes aired between December 18, 2022, and January 8. The show’s hiatus ended on February 5 when the second part started airing. Given that the first season is still airing, there's no telling when the second season of the highly beloved show will debut.

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