Paramount renews Yellowstone for a fifth season

Yellowstone's unprecedented early success has made the showrunners concerned about the rising expectations.

Yellowstone, the Kevin Costner-led family drama on Paramount Network, has grown from a potentially good TV show to have one of the biggest hits on any platform today. In particular, the fourth season set a new record for a network show, breaking The Walking Dead's previous record that was set in 2017. Thus, it was only a matter of time before Paramount confirmed that Yellowstone was coming back for Season 5.

The long delay for Yellowstone was well worth it as the series set a new cable television record.
The long delay for Yellowstone was well worth it as the series set a new cable television record.

The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that Yellowstone will return for a fifth season with production scheduled to kick off in May with a potential fall premiere. For the fifth season, Yellowstone will bring back Jen Landon and Kathryn Kelly, who portrayed Teeter and Emily, respectively, and turn them into series regulars.

Yellowstone didn't just set cable TV records, it completely changed Paramount's plans for Paramount+. Previously, ViacomCBS had intended to focus more on movies and less on TV shows on the streaming platform. But, after Yellowstone became such a big success, executives reconsidered their earlier decision. Not only that, but Yellowstone has spun its spin-off, a prequel in 1883 that got its first trailer a few weeks ahead of its actual launch.

1883 has proven to be a big hit, with an estimated 4.9 million viewers watching the first episode. There are reports about more spin-offs set within the Yellowstone universe. For now, Yellowstone fans can keep themselves busy with 1883. The ten-episode debut season is set to end sometime in March and has already featured cameos from big stars like Tom Hanks.

In other news, the full trailer for HALO on Paramount+ came out later this week. The live-action show from Paramount+ is expected to premiere on March 24.

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