Paramount Plus will include Showtime as ViacomCBS rebrands

Paramount is betting big on the company's streaming future and is aiming to hit 100 million subscribers in two years.

This just in: ViacomCBS is no more.

The all-in-one bundle is a big deal for a platform that wants to extend its reach to as big of a streaming audience as possible.

Birthed in 2019 as CBS and Viacom merged, the multimedia giant will cease to exist starting today. Instead, ViacomCBS will become Paramount as the company focuses on becoming one of the biggest streaming platforms. Also, if we could just put it bluntly, the decision makes sense simply because 'Paramount' rolls off the tongue better compared to, well, 'ViacomCBS'.

As part of the changes, Paramount will also start including Showtime programming as part of a singular bundle later this year. The new integrated offering will come as an in-app upgrade option, as either an ad-supported or ad-free service.

According to ViacomCBS' most recent presentation and earnings announcement, the company is serious about blitzing the streaming market. The company's goal is to hit 100 million streaming subscribers in 2024, which is a significant jump from its previous goal of up to 75 million for the same timeframe.

To put that into context, Amazon Prime Video hasn't even come close to hitting 100 million subscribers despite being around for a few years longer. But, if it's any consolation, Paramount is putting its money where its mouth is by aggressively expanding on an international scale and offering mobile-only subscription options, with plans to make all upcoming Paramount movies exclusive to Paramount Plus in North America by 2024 once their theatrical run ends.

Ray Donovan is one of Showtime's best shows.

With the announcement, Paramount now has three key brands in its desire to make it big on the streaming market: Paramount Plus, Pluto TV, and Showtime.

Paramount's plan to reach the nine-digit mark in subscriber count in two years explains the company's increased effort to make its offerings so much better. There was a time when Yellowstone was one of the few reasons why you'd get Paramount Plus. Now, more and more shows and movies are headed to the platform and counting. Speaking of Yellowstone, the hit TV series has been renewed for a fifth season. Meanwhile, Yellowstone's prequel and spin-off, 1883, is currently on track to finish its first season, with the finale dropping on February 27.

With Scream and Jackass: Forever both expected to come to Paramount Plus soon and the likes of Mission: Impossible 7 and Top Gun 2 following suit as well as a slew of others such as the Halo TV show, which just got renewed for a second season, the future is bright for Paramount's streaming endeavors.

We can only imagine just how many people will flock to Paramount Plus to watch Jackass: Forever once it hits the streaming platform.
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