Netflix gave Ozark Season 4 Part 2 release date and trailer

The first teaser trailer for the true finale of Ozark puts the spotlight on Julia Garner's Ruth Langmore as the series comes to a definitive close.

Five years after the Byrdes hooked everyone with their gripping tale in Ozark, everything will finally come to a head in part 2 of the show's fourth and final season. After dropping part 1 on January 21, Netflix has now revealed more of Ozark Season 4 part 2, including a release date and short teaser trailer focusing on Ruth Langmore.

After a nearly three-year-long wait, the second part of Ozark's final season will drop three months after the first half landed on Netflix.

The first teaser trailer for the true finale of Ozark revolves around Ruth Langmore's increasing paranoia that she is cursed. It shouldn't come as a surprise that Ruth will play an even more significant role as the show concludes. After losing Charlie Tahan's Wyatt Langmore and Lisa Emery's Darlene Snell, Ruth will stop at nothing to get her revenge. Unfortunately, fans will have to wait for part 2 to drop to find out if Ruth will succeed in her quest for vengeance.

The good news here is that the premiere date for part 2 of Ozark's fourth season was also revealed in the teaser trailer. Netflix's critically-acclaimed series will finally come to an end on April 29, 2022.

It feels bittersweet knowing that Ozark is ending soon. It feels like it was only yesterday that Netflix dropped the first teaser for the fourth season at its latest TUDUM event before confirming when part 1 will premiere. After waiting for nearly two years between the release of season 3 and the first half of season 4, the streaming giant will see the culmination of the Byrde family's story less than three months from now.

If it's any consolation, Netflix did increase the episode count for Ozark's final season to 14 episodes, so fans will be able to spend more time watching Ozark than in previous seasons.

Speaking of two-part finales, it appears that Netflix is leaning towards a similar format for all of its hit shows. Case in point, the fourth season of Stranger Things will be released in two parts as well, albeit the two halves will only be split five weeks apart. It's currently unknown if Stranger Things' fifth and final season will be split into two parts as well. Also, Netflix divided Better Call Saul's closing season as well, which recently got a release date and a spin-off to boot.

No matter which way things go for the Byrdes, Ozark will end as one of the best shows to ever find its way to any streaming platform.
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